• 8 Exercises for a Great Mobility Band Workout

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    Mobility bands are great for full-body training anytime or anywhere whether you’re on the road, when dumbbells might be inaccessible, or working out at home. And, let’s be honest, when is the mobility band rack taken up at your local gym like a dumbbell rack is on a Monday morning?

    With a variety of different tensions, mobility bands serve as multi-purpose training tools for those of all skill levels that are looking to increase muscular endurance. So the burning question is, “What do I do with a mobility band?” You may not know about the variety of different exercises that can be performed in the comfort of your home (or as I mentioned earlier, at your local gym when the dumbbell rack is too busy). Mobility bands also serve as a great stretching tool that can be taken virtually anywhere you go.

    Here are 8 common exercises, both strength exercises and stretches, that can be performed simply with a mobility band. Just choose the proper band tension and get after it!



    Resistance Range



    15 – 25 lbs - Light resistance 



    25 – 50 lbs - Light to medium resistance



    50 – 75 lbs - Medium to heavy resistance



    100 – 120 lbs - Heavy resistance



    120 – 175 lbs - OMG! Would you take a look at those guns?!


    1.  Assisted Pull-ups

    - Loop your mobility band on your pullup bar and place your foot into the band to help you get that chin over that bar!


    2.  Tricep Pull-Downs

    - Loop your mobility band on a pullup bar and grab your band while securing your elbows to your sides. Engage the triceps by pulling the band straight downward. Tension can be adjusted based on how high or low you grab the band.


    3.  Assisted Dips

    - Loop each end of a resistance band around each dip bar handle. Assume the starting dip position, with arms extended, and put your knees against the band. Lower your body against the resistance band until your elbows are at 90°. Push up to the starting position until your elbows are straight.


    4.  Bicep Curls

    - With both feet, step on the inside of the band, grabbing the other end with both hands. Perform a normal bicep curl with elbows secured at your sides. Exercise can also be performed with one arm at a time by putting one foot inside of the band.


    5.  Band Pull-Aparts

    - With arms extended in front of you, grab your band about shoulder width apart, pulling apart until arms are straight out from your sides. Tension can be adjusted by moving hands toward outward on the band.


    These strength exercises can be performed in sets of 10-15 reps with the tension that allows you to feel the burn!


    6.  Hamstring Stretch

    - Laying on your back, loop the band around the bottom of your foot and pull your leg straight up. Stretch should be felt in the back of your leg.

    7.  IT Band Stretch

    - First perform the hamstring stretch, then lay your leg across the opposite side of your body. Stretch should be felt in the side of your hip.

    8.  Quad Stretch

    - Laying on your stomach, flex your leg towards your glute and hook the band around the top of your foot. The more you pull on the band, the more of a stretch you will feel in the quad.

    Stretches should typically be held for 15-20 seconds per leg to get the full effect of increased mobility.

    There are no more excuses for not getting your exercises in because the dumbbell rack is full at the gym!  Mobility bands serve the same purpose as dumbbells and can be used anywhere you want to take them!



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  • GameDay Qualifier Registration Open (aka, a chance to win PRx Gear!!)

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    PRx Performance is a proud sponsor of GameDay Competitions and has ponied up some fantastic prizes for the winners. Top overall Men's & Women's competitor wins a Profile Rack and the gym with the most registered athletes gets six of our PRx Olympic Elite Bars

    Who are/what is GameDay Competitions?

    GameDay Competitions is focused on bringing the spirit of major CrossFit competitions to the upper Midwest! They're great people to work with and we're very excited to see their growth and success. When asked to describe who they are and what they do, they shared this vision statement with us: 

    Vision and Purpose

    We formed our company three years ago with the sole vision of making elite level competitions accessible to the entire CrossFit community. Our very first competition was held in a college gym, 10 lanes, a few weights and borrowed equipment, no rig and no idea how it all would pan out. We had under 100 athletes but it was an exciting start! Three years later, we are humbled by the support of our athletes and excited to see each one of them give it everything they have on the competition floor. 

    There are countless athletes that train 5, 6, even 7 days a week without a first class competitive outlet. We want to be a reason for you to train, get pumped up (or even a bit nervous) before 3-2-1-Go! and feel GREAT about yourself in the competitive environment we provide. In all we do, our mission is inspire, excite and reward!


    Qualifier info: Registration is open!


    GameDay Qualifier


    Experience the GameDay Qualifier difference! No guessing. Just competing for the best results. The event is broken down into two divisions: scaled or Rx (Masters competitors are invited to compete in the scaled division). Here’s the details:

    • September 4: Workouts Released – Yes, plural. We’ll release all three workouts right away so there’s no guessing.
    • September 4-19: Submit Your Best Workout – Have at it! Do the workouts once or a hundred times. Submit all three workout scores when you’re satisfied (or exhausted, whatever comes first).
    • September 24: Winners Announced 


    • Overall Men’s Rx and Women’s Rx 1st place: PRx Performance Profile Rack
    • Overall Men’s Scaled and Women’s Scaled 1st place: PRx Olympic Elite Bar
    • Event winners (Men’s and Women’s Scaled, Men’s and Women’s Rx: NOBULL Shoes)
    • Early registration for Championship (Individual spots offered to top qualifiers first) 
    • Gym with most registered athletes: 6 PRx Olympic Elite Bars


    • Any athlete participating in the Qualifier will receive first crack at registration for the Championship! 

    Hurry and register at: http://gamedaycompetitions.com/gameday-qualifier-2016/ 



    • December 16-18 Minnesota State Fairgrounds
    • Participants include: podium finishers from the 2016 GameDay Classic Competitions, GameDay Qualifier athletes, remaining spots, if there are any, will be on first come first serve basis!
    • 2 Days of grueling workouts for individuals and teams (MM/FF)
    • Workouts: TBA but be ready for anything!
    • Teams and individuals will compete for some hefty cash prizes and – most importantly – champ status to end the 2016 competitive year.

    Prizes include : 


    1st place: $2,000

    2nd place: 1,000

    3rd place: $500

    Men’s and Women’s Rx Individuals 

    1st place: $1,000

    2nd place: $500

    3rd place: $250


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  • The Big Move!

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            We've been pretty busy here at PRx! As a growing business, we needed to continue developing and that's exactly what we have been doing for the past two weeks. If you have wandered over to our social media pages, you've seen us documenting our move to a new building. We ditched the old, tucked away offices with a shared warehouse for a brand new building with a big storage area all to ourselves. The offices went first with all of the desks, filing cabinets, and chairs being taken over in one load. It looked dangerous (checkout the top left picture) and we didn't dare drive more than 10 mph, but we made it and started setting up our new home. Then came the warehouse move. Truckload by truckload our products and shelving made the trip over. We jammed the place full of shelves and have been busy packing the place with our equipment ever since. Everything has now come together and we are loving the new place. The offices are getting homey touches and all the space is being utilized. Everybody on the team has been too busy to appreciate it though! With business booming and the move taking up our time, the orders started to pile up. All hands have been working in the warehouse to get things prepared and shipped. We felt terrible for the long waits on shipments, but we've been doing our best to catch up.






            The growing pains have definitely set in, but we are learning and overcoming them. We have no doubt that we will keep growing and becoming a better business so we can continue to serve you guys, our amazing customers. We are terribly sorry for the lack of communication the past couple weeks, but it is all for the better! Our business is growing, but we will not lose the small business attention we give to everybody. The new address is 2975 39th Street South Unit A. If you are ever in the area, swing by, meet the team, and let's run over to Thunder Road and play a round of 18 on the mini putt course!

    With Condolence yet Confidence,

    -The PRx Team

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