• The Big Move!

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            We've been pretty busy here at PRx! As a growing business, we needed to continue developing and that's exactly what we have been doing for the past two weeks. If you have wandered over to our social media pages, you've seen us documenting our move to a new building. We ditched the old, tucked away offices with a shared warehouse for a brand new building with a big storage area all to ourselves. The offices went first with all of the desks, filing cabinets, and chairs being taken over in one load. It looked dangerous (checkout the top left picture) and we didn't dare drive more than 10 mph, but we made it and started setting up our new home. Then came the warehouse move. Truckload by truckload our products and shelving made the trip over. We jammed the place full of shelves and have been busy packing the place with our equipment ever since. Everything has now come together and we are loving the new place. The offices are getting homey touches and all the space is being utilized. Everybody on the team has been too busy to appreciate it though! With business booming and the move taking up our time, the orders started to pile up. All hands have been working in the warehouse to get things prepared and shipped. We felt terrible for the long waits on shipments, but we've been doing our best to catch up.






            The growing pains have definitely set in, but we are learning and overcoming them. We have no doubt that we will keep growing and becoming a better business so we can continue to serve you guys, our amazing customers. We are terribly sorry for the lack of communication the past couple weeks, but it is all for the better! Our business is growing, but we will not lose the small business attention we give to everybody. The new address is 2975 39th Street South Unit A. If you are ever in the area, swing by, meet the team, and let's run over to Thunder Road and play a round of 18 on the mini putt course!

    With Condolence yet Confidence,

    -The PRx Team

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  • Forbes and Father's Day Fun

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    It's that time of year! Father's Day is right around the corner and the ever-looming question of "What should we get Dad?" is on everyone's mind. A tie? Some tools? Don't add to Dad's inventory of 'things he doesn't wear/use' this Father's Day. Head over to Forbes.com and checkout the new article featuring the 25 Best Father's Day Gifts from Shark Tank. Our products are featured (obviously) as well as those from Bottle Breacher, IllumiBowl, and more. Help us out by leaving comments bragging about your PRx gear on the article! We would love to see our brand covering the page :D

    Save with Promo code LUCKYDAD through Father's Day

    Along the lines of Father's Day Fun, we've put together a list of gifts in our Father's Day Collection page that we are sure will excite Dad. Our headline products, that every Dad would love, are our patented Profile PRO Racks. With so many options of colors and the convenience to fit in any man-cave or garage, there is no doubt that this would be the perfect gift. We've also included items like the AbMat to rediscover that six-pack that was lost, and mobility bands to help out with those movements Dad hasn't mastered yet. Any of the products are sure to encourage a healthy lifestyle so the family can enjoy more Father's Days in the future! We want to help out the celebration of Dads by offering a 10% Discount and free shipping for your presents! Just use the promo code LUCKYDAD at checkout and save big time.

    Keep transforming those 'Dad-Bods' into 'Dammnnnn-Bods' and have a Happy Father's Day!

    With gratitude and unconditional love,

    -The PRx Team

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  • Talon Kickstarter Recap and Barbell Winner

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    Kickstarter Exceeds Expectations!

    Our 30-day kickstarter for the Talon™ wrapped up in April and it was wildly successful! We exceeded our crowd funding goal by over 200%. We got great feedback and a ton of support for the Talon! Now we're working diligently to make it a reality. As promised, our 218 backers will receive their Talons in the August time frame (thank you, backers!) and it will be for sale on our site soon after. 


    Talon Barbell Collar

    The Talon: Coming to a barbell near you in late summer!


    Backers Entered to Win a PRx Olympic Barbell

    So...what do you get when you combine a successful kickstarter, some awesome kickstarter backers, and a PRx Olympic Bar Giveaway? One very happy kickstarter backer! Rodney Y., a dedicated fireman and family man from Illinois won our PRx Olympic Bar! A busy father of three, Rodney told us he had been wanting a quality oly bar for a while, but couldn't justify the cost. So winning the PRx Olympic Elite Bar was a "dream come true" (his exact words). We're thrilled that Rodney won and want to say thank you for backing our Talon™ project and for being so accommodating and sending us such great pictures to use.   


    Rodney in front of fire engine     Rodney's family

     Rodney squatting with his new Oly Bar!       Rodney in uniform with his new bar!

    Some more quotes from Rodney:

    "Thank you so much again! I love my new elite oly bar!"

    "The bar is AWESOME! Seriously.. It's the best bar I've ever used! I had a great "oly" day with it last week."

    Thank you Rodney for your enthusiastic quotes and we hope all our readers, customers, and backers go on to have great "oly" days of their own! 



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