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How to Design Your Dream Gym with PRO Gym Builder 

April 02, 2021 2 min read

The thought of building your home gym is super exciting, but can seem rather daunting. You find the gear you love, you measure (maybe once, maybe seven times), and then you start plotting out your masterpiece. But, it can be tricky to know whether your masterpiece will actually fit in the space you have.

That's why we created PRO Gym Builder. Use this tool to design your gym specific to the space you have and products you want!

PRO Gym Builder lets you pick what products you’d like in your gym, place them on a wall, change the scene, zoom in or out, adjust what items should (or could) go on each stud. Once you finish designing your gym, all you need to do is add to cart and you’ll be on your way to major gainz!

How to use PRO Gym Builder

Step 1: Adjust the Ceiling Height and Wall Width

Customize by plugging in the dimensions of your space. Adding your dimensions helps you build a gym that’s perfect for the space you have to work with!

Start building your gym with PRO Gym Builder

Step 2: Select Your Rack

Add a Profile ® or PRO rack by clicking the height that works for you! If you go with a PRO rack, you then get to select one of our 10 color options. And the pull-up bar selection comes next. Fold your rack up and down by clicking the icon in the lower right-hand corner. Yeah, it's fun.

Add a rack to your home gym

Not sure what to get? Check out our rack buying guide here!

Step 3: It's Time to Accessorize

Continue to build your gym out by seeing how a folding bench, spotter arms, and/or a dip station fit in. Want to keep your gym looking clean? Add their storage solutions too!

Add your accessories to your home gym

Step 4: Add Your Barbell

Choose a barbell from our Olympic Bars. You'll choose from Zinc, Black or Cerakote coated. Add the storage, and try out our Talon collars!

Pick your barbell for your home gym

Step 5: Pick Your Weight

You can’t get gainz without plates! Select the plates you need and the corresponding storage. Wow, that gym is taking shape!

Add weight plates to your home gym

Step 6: Finalize Your Gym Design

Throughout the entire build you're able to zoom in and out of your set up by using the magnifying glasses on the right-hand side of your gym layout. Click and drag your mouse around to see your gym from all angles! You can also choose to hide your studs at any time!

Check out your home gym

Step 7: Share Your Gym

Make your friends jealous in a click of a button. Click on the social links to share your AWESOME gym!

Step 8: Click Add To Cart

Step 9: Get Your Gainz!

Leave a comment on what you think of the PRO Gym Builder and share your dream gym!