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You’ve picked out your favorite color squat rack, had your home gym delivered to your door, completed the installation and…now what?

PRx Fit Ensures Your Equipment Doesn't Become a Clothes Hanger

Luckily, we have an answer for you. Our belief is that fitness equipment shouldn’t be used to hang clothes out to dry or collect dust, let alone take over your parking spot in the garage (saving space is our jam).

To avoid these common fitness equipment practices, we’ve created PRx Fit, a mobile fitness app available for Apple or Android that brings the trainer straight to your home.

Choose from Three Different Workouts Daily on our Free App!

With fresh, daily workouts 365 days a year and instructional videos of each exercise, PRx Fit is designed to match any type of lifestyle – the fitness fanatic who loves high intensity (Garage Sweat), the Power Lifter who is always looking for a new PR (Garage Strength), or the busy parent who may not even have our equipment (Daily Bodyweight – 10 to 20 minute “no equipment” workouts). Regardless of your status, novice to pro, we have a workout for you.


Oh, and I forgot to mention, the app is FREE!

Side note: Our certified programmer, Tyler, who is also a PRx Performance employee, loves being able to cater to all fitness levels, but will never take it easy on anyone 😉. His belief is, “Without CHAlleNGE, there is no CHANGE!” Also, if you follow us on Instagram (@prxperformance), you’ll figure out what kind of guy Tyler is, really quick. 😊

But don’t worry, you’re in good hands. Each workout is scalable even for beginners.

Professional Programming Available too!

We’re also introducing accomplished athlete and transformational guru, Christmas Abbott, to the mix of workouts! The Christmas Special, powered by PRx Fit, is a 30-day training plan programmed by Christmas Abbott herself. With instructional videos of each movement and motivation from Christmas along the way, this 30-day plan is guaranteed to level you up on your #FitFromHome journey.

So fresh, daily workouts to be done straight  from home, instructional videos for each movement to help you perfect your form, and I’ll say it again…FREE programming 365 days a year, along with professional programming from Christmas Abbott, herself! It’s not too good to be true – it is true.

Variety: 365 Days a Year

The beauty of it all? There is always variety. I hear a lot of talk about fitness programs getting too stagnant or someone hitting a plateau in their lifts. With the Daily Bodyweight, Garage Sweat, and Garage Strength workouts to choose from Monday through Sunday, there’s always room to get creative and switch up your normal routine.

It’s time to get #FitFromHome with PRx Fit.


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