Product Highlight: Profile Hyper HD - PRx Performance

Product Highlight: Profile Hyper HD

November 08, 2019 4 min read

Posterior Chain Development & So Much More

The lower back. How to strengthen it and stay injury free? Thousands of articles have been written regarding lower back strength (or lack thereof). As early as the 1950s, famous bodybuilder Abe Goldberg wrote, "Considering the wide area it covers, inch for inch the lower back is possibly the weakest part of your body." And for many of us, it's also the part of our body that gives us the most problems. 

That's where the reverse hyper comes in. The reverse hyper machine, purportedly invented by renowned powerlifting coach, Louie Simmons, decompresses the spine through a swinging motion. The swinging motion suffuses the lower back muscles with blood and fills the spinal column with spinal fluid, thereby helping in the development of the posterior chain (fancy way of saying lower back, butt, and rear upper thigh).

Bro, Do You Even Lift?

Squat meme

If you're like the PRx Crew, you spend a lot of time in your rack doing squats. Cuz why? Squats are life. But with all that squatting comes a lot of pressure on your lower back...which leads to increased compression over time. One of the best ways to counteract all that lifting heavy you do is to get on a reverse hyper machine!

The Classic Reverse Hyper Move:

Classic reverse hyper movement demo

To perform the reverse hyper movement, add the desired weight to the pendulum. (As with any movement new to you, start light and go up from there.) Once you've got your weights on, get up on the pad and position your pelvis right on the edge and make sure the handles are in a comfortable position. Your arms should be bent at almost 90 degrees. Next slip your feet into the strap, and, using controlled movements, raise your legs while making sure to keep your chest forward on the pad. This allows the hamstrings to lengthen as your legs drop to the floor.

As you drop your legs to the floor, aim for a controlled, but fluid motion. After a couple of reps up and down, build to a fluid, steady pace so that the momentum helps with the movement. When you're done with your set, slowly lower the weight back to starting position. And voila! You've found your window to back decompression!

Reverse Hyper and So Much More

So yeah, a reverse hyper is great, but it's hard to justify investing in a piece of equipment for just one movement. But did you know you can also use our Profile Hyper HD for a myriad of movements? Check out the following:

Reverse Hyper Bent Over Row 

The difference (and I think, advantage) of doing bent over rows with the Hyper is the extra stretch you get in your upper back as the pendulum provides resistance at the bottom because, you know, gravity. See Ryan perform the movement in this video from our popular Home Gym Hacks video series.


Donkey Kicks on the Reverse Hyper 

I love this one. Donkey kicks are great for building the ahem, assets. And the ability to add some weight? Even better. Though watching Ryan do these makes my knees cry. Years of volleyball and running have wreaked havoc on my knees - so I have to use an AbMat for these!



Adductors & Abductors - Can you keep them straight?

The Profile Hyper HD is also very useful for performing abductor and adductor moves. In the first photo below, Jordan demonstrates how to work the outer hip (abductor muscles) by loading the weight on the pendulum, placing the strap around the outside of his far knee, and pulling the pendulum out. 

On the second photo, he switches legs to work his hip adductor muscles by putting the strap around his inner knee and pulling the weight toward and across his other leg.  

Abductor Movement


Adductor Movement


Reverse Hyper & GHD Machine in One

The beauty of the Profile Hyper HD is that it is two machines in one and folds up and out of the way when not in use. All you have to do to convert the Hyper to GHD mode is strap the bump pad to the hyper pad and slide the foot plate onto the arms of the main pad and you're ready to get glute-ham developing!

GHD Extension Demo

GHD Extension

GHD Sit Up Demo

GHD Sit Up


The PRx Profile Hyper HD takes a fraction of the space a traditional unit sprawls in. Our model clocks in with a footprint of 3 1/2' x 5’ versus the typical 6’ x 8’! But just because it takes up less space, doesn’t mean it’s any less beefy than the competitors’ design. Ours is, dare I say, overbuilt? The Profile Hyper HD has 11-gauge steel, but with the added feature of 150 lb shocks, deploying it is a cinch.

I love the ingenuity of this combo. What will our product development team come up with next?! Stay tuned...

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