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The Next Airbnb of Home Gyms?

July 31, 2019 2 min read

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A Thompson’s Station, TN man’s idea to come up with an app to connect home gym owners and those who would like to work out is growing quickly.

Chris Daskam came up with the idea after his neighbors in the Canterbury subdivision invited him to work out in their garage.

Daskam, who lives in that Canterbury subdivision had admired his neighbors home gym from afar, and when they invited him to work out there, he accepted the offer.

When he came home, it hit him! He would pay his neighbors to workout at their garage gym. He started looking for an app that would allow him to workout with people who have home gyms. He couldn’t find one…so he decided to start the company and make the app.

AirGym will work a lot like the vacation rental platform Airbnb. People who own home & commercial gyms can post their gym on the application and charge people to use the space. Customers will able to scroll through the app to pick out the gym that works best for them. Then they schedule a time when it’s open, pay for the time within the app and get a workout in.

“In the near future, on the way home from work…you’re going to pass 15 AirGyms and you can see which one makes the most sense for your schedule,” Daskam said.

AirGym Owners charge users by the hour for the time they spend in the gym. Prices range from $2 to $10 per hour, though it is up to the owners to decide how much to charge.

The application isn’t limited to just weight rooms and barbells. It also includes yoga studios, pools, jiu jitsu facilities and more. Daskam hopes that diversity will help people find a place that has exactly what they want.

The AirGym app is free to download and there are no subscriptions or commitments required to use the app. There are three main groups: home gym owners, members and personal trainers.

“The app has a ‘find my trainer’ section where trainers can list their certification and licensure and potential clients can find them on the app for free,” Daskam said. “Trainers like to have one-on-one sessions with their clients and that is hard to do at a big gym. This app allows them to create a more personal workout at someone’s home gym.”

For more information about AirGym, go to the web site at, or find the app in the app store or in iTunes.

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