PRx PopSocket® and Mount - PRx Performance

PRx PopSocket® and Mount

The best of both worlds. PRx Performance teamed up with PopSocket® to keep your phone safe and accessible - right on your squat rack. Simply stick the grip onto the back of your phone and place the mount on the rack. Then slide the phone into the mount and get to work.

Whether you need a better grip, a phone stand, or a way to keep your headphones tidy, the PRx PopSocket® & Mount is here for you.


PopSocket® Phone Grip
Brand PRx Performance & PopSocket®
Attachment Adhesive
Color Black w/ With Text
Diameter 1.56"
Thickness 0.275"
Phone Mount
Attachment Cold-welded grade N52 Neodymium magnet
Color Orange
Capacity 1.55 lb
Size 3" x 2.25" x 1.25"
Material Aluminum w/ anodized finish

This phone mount fits exclusively to PopSocket® products and PRx cannot guarantee a secure fit with other phone grip brands. Not recommended to hold tablet devices. 

Place the grip slightly above the midsection of the device, and keep the socket retracted when mounted for best stability.