Gungnir Allrounder Olympic Barbell

High grade materials. Precision engineering. Our partners at Gungnir of Norway know how to make a barbell. 

The Gungnir Allrounder Olympic Bar features built-in titanium magnetic collars, so you'll never have to re-adjust your plates in the middle of a set again. Using SlideLock™ technology, the sleeves have precision-cut teeth to secure the collar in place and maintain a maximum gap of 4.5mm between collar and plate. To adjust the collar just lift, slide, and drop it into place. 

But this bar is so much more than built-in collars. You can see, feel, and hear the difference. The hard chrome with satin finish gives a unique cool blue-gray look to the shaft and a tacky feel to the bar's light knurl. The tight tolerances and premium bushings make for a buttery smooth lift and a crisp quiet sound when you drop the bar.

The Allrounder is the only 28mm barbell we offer, making it a perfect bar for Olympic lifts. Gungnir wanted to make sure you could still get in leg day, so they included dual knurl marks and a very light center knurl for your favorite power lifts.

Winter is coming! Keep your bar warm even if the air is cold - heat it up with the Thermabell Barbell Warmer before it's time to hit your lift.

Weight 20kg (~45lb)
Total Length 220cm (86.6")
Sleeve Length 41.5cm (16.3")
Sleeve Diameter Fits Olympic plates with 2" collar opening
Bar Diameter 28mm
Knurl Marks Olympic & Power
Knurl Depth Light
Center Knurl Yes
Whip Medium
Bushings Bronze bushing
SlideLocks Material Aerospace grade titanium
Sleeve Finish Electroless nickel deposit
Bar Finish Satin hard chrome
Tensile Strength 216k PSI
Load Capacity 680kg (1499lb)


Comes with a lifetime warranty.