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Cerakote Racks

Why Cerakote?

What is the difference between a Cerakote rack and a standard powder coat rack (which is what a large majority of companies coat their racks with – including us)? Cerakote is used primarily in the gun industry and is a very tough, thin, corrosion-resistant coating. Because of the tougher texture, it is more abrasion resistant than most powder coats on the market, which makes it more appealing to squat rack owners who beat their equipment up day in and day out (YEAH – get after it!). With the thin layer of “ceramic paint”, which is what a lot of coaters refer to it as, the blemishes in the steel show through, giving it a clean, but grittier look for your garage gym.

Powder coat, on the other hand, is easier to paint in mass quantities, but you do not get the same level of corrosion-resistant characteristics that Cerakote has. Here at PRx, we use an industrial-grade powder coat on our squat racks that will last years, but with the added elements of moisture in the garage and potential chipping of the paint, even industrial-grade powder coats will not stand up to the elements as well as Cerakote. Don’t get us wrong, our industrial-grade powder coat will last for years and our Profile racks carry a lifetime warranty, but Cerakote is an all-around tougher, grittier option when comparing the two options side by side. Plus, the clear Cerakote looks cool as hell.