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Financing - Paypal Credit Tutorial

Using Paypal Credit when checking out on PRx Performance


Once you're ready to check out, it's possible to access PayPal Credit one of two ways. Once you add something to your cart, you should get a small window that pops up and says 'view or edit your cart'. Clicking that will take you to your cart.


You then have the ability to go straight to PayPal from your cart by clicking the yellow PayPal button.


If you're not already logged into PayPal, you'll get a prompt to log in and verify your credentials.


Once logged in to PayPal, you'll have the option to apply for credit through PayPal Credit.


 Confirm your billing address.


 Verify you are who you say you are.


Read through the terms and conditions to understand how it works and what you're agreeing to, and hit the 'agree and apply' button! You will know within seconds whether or not you're approved.


You can also use PayPal Credit by selecting PayPal as your payment option in the cart and it will take you through the same approval process.