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Get the most out of your equipment.  Get the most out of your workout.  Get the most out of YOURSELF!

The PRx Fit mobile app delivers daily workouts that allow you to Lift BIG in Small Spaces.  Take your fitness to the next level right in your home gym, with certified professionals guiding you along the way. 


Fresh, daily workouts designed by certified professionals to help kick your fitness level up a notch.

  • Garage Sweat - High intensity workouts that are guaranteed to make you sweat!

  • Garage Strength - From squats to push press to everything in between, Garage Strength features daily workouts designed for you to lift BIG in small spaces.

  • Daily Bodyweight - NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED!  But don't let this fool you, these workouts are designed to make you sweat using only yourself as weight!

Daily leader boards: compare your performance with everyone else on your chosen workouts.

With all of the equipment or none of the equipment, PRx Fit has the workout for you!