Refer Your Friends: Share the Gainz


Share the GAINZ!

Are you talking about us?

We know our customers are our best advocates -- you're already talking to your friends and family about the killer workouts you're crushing these days. Why not sweeten the pot for everyone? Give your friend 10% off their first order and receive 8% off your next! Share the gainz.

What is the PRx Performance Referral Program?

We created our referral program to reward you, our loyal customer, for helping us achieve our mission statement: Fitting Fitness into Life. Whether it's time or space, it's our goal to make it easy to fit fitness into life for everyone.

How does it work?

You as the Referrer:

  1. Sign up for the Share the Gainz Referral Program
  2. Email your friends and family that could use a discount off their own PRx Performance gym
  3. You'll have a choice of either creating your own custom message or sending our pre-made message (We thought we'd help anyone who has writer's block)

Your friends/family as the Referees:

  1. Receive the email you send that has a link to claim their 10% off
  2. Claim 10% off by following the link and putting their first and last name and the same email address you, the Referrer, sent the email to.
  3. Copy 10% coupon code provided, and purchase $500 or more using the coupon code in the check-out process.

Once the Referee has used the 10% coupon on an eligible purchase, the Referrer (you) will receive an email providing an 8% discount code.

Who can I refer? What do they need to do?

As long as the customer hasn't shopped with PRx Performance previously and they use your referral link, they will be provided with a discount code during the registration process. The 10% discount code will only work on orders over $500 (excluding shipping) and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or discounts.

Referral Program Terms & Conditions

We created our Share the Gainz referral program in good faith to reward you by helping us grow by recommending to us new customers. We have built controls into our program to ensure the system is not abused or misused. Anyone found to be misusing or violating the terms and conditions will have all referral links terminated and will be unable to rejoin the program. 

  • New customers must not have previously shopped with PRx Performance.
  • New customers must spend $500 or more (excluding shipping) on their first order for the discount code to be eligible to receive the 10% discount and for the 8% coupon to be credited to the Referrer.
  • The 8% discount code will be issued to the Referrer within 24 hours of the referee completing an eligible order.
  • The referrer must spend $350 or more (excluding shipping) for the discount code to be eligible to receive the 8% discount.
  • The referrer and referee may not share the same physical address. 
  • Only one referral discount allowed per customer.
  • Only one referral discount allowed per billing address.
  • Only one referral discount allowed per shipping address.
  • Referral link must be used by new customer to redeem their discount code. PRx Performance is not liable if the link is not used or the code is not entered at the checkout stage, or, if it is entered incorrectly. 
  • Referral discounts are non-transferable and have zero cash value.
  • When promoting your unique referral link you are at no time allowed to use any material (such as graphics, banners, product descriptions, images and content) in use by PRx Performance.
  • Discount amounts per referral are subject to change with no notice period required.
  • Discounts offered to a new customer using a referral link is subject to change with no notice period required.
  • PRx Performance reserves the right to withdraw the Referral Program with no notice period required.
  • PRx Performance reserves the right to void any transaction where a Referral Code has been used.
  • PRx Performance's decision is final and there is no right of appeal.