PRx Cast Iron Kettlebells - Garage Sale

We occasionally have products returned to us in a less-than-new state or they arrive with slight imperfections making them perfect candidates for our Garage Sale section!

The 4kg and 18kg sizes has small areas that are missing paint coverage. There is no structural or safety defect, they simply have a little character! AKA small rust spots :)

Limited inventory available. All sales FINAL.

Who loves kettlebells? We do! The uneven load provided by kettlebells makes them a great tool for building functional, real world strength. Whether you're prepping to carry your team to the next level, or carry the groceries in from the car, kettlebells can help with that. 

The cast-iron kettlebells are covered in a durable black powder coat and feature color-coded handles so it's easy to grab the right weight for your swings, get-ups, and goblet squats.

Measured in kg, but also labeled with equivalent lbs.

Light Green 4kg / 8.8lb
Sky Blue 6kg / 13.2lb

8kg / 17.6lb

Light Blue

10kg / 22lb

Blue 12kg / 26.4lb
Brown 14kg / 30.9lb
Yellow 16kg / 35.2lb
Purple 18kg / 39.7lb
Purple 20kg / 44lb
Green 22kg / 48.5lb
Green 24kg / 52.9lb

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