How To Fix A Cold Barbell

February 05, 2021 1 min read

Trust us, winter sucks.

At PRx we know cold (seriously it's 5° right now). Don't believe us? Just visit us during winter. But pack a few coats and boots - you'll need them!

(Actual video of you and your workout buddy visiting PRx when it's cold)

As your friendly neighborhood cold-weather experts, we searched high and low for the perfect product to heat up your workout🔥.

Introducing the Thermabell Barbell Warmer

This electrically heated barbell sleeve is a must-have for anyone who lives where it gets cool/cold and whose gym or workout area isn't heated!

How to Heat Up Your Workout

Using the Thermabell warmer is simple! Just follow these four steps:

How to use the Thermabell

 Ready to heat things up in the gym? Order your Thermabell today!