Men's Cerakote Olympic Bar - PRx Performance

Men's Cerakote Olympic Bar


Wow--these are sharp! Our new Men's Cerakote Olympic Bars offer another way to take your gym to the next level. Extremely scratch resistant and durable, the cerakote finish makes these bars 70% more corrosion-resistant than Zinc!

The process: The bare steel bar is cleaned in an acetone solvent and sandblasted prior to coating. Once cleaned, the bar is then sprayed with the Cerakote color and placed in a special oven for baking. The coating is typically 0.001" thick once cured.

Made in the USA!


Weight: 20kg/45lb

Length: 7' 2"

Usable Sleeve Length: 16 1/4"

Steel Tensile Strength: 190,000 PSI

Bar Diameter: 28.5 mm

Knurl Marks: Olympic & Power

Whip: Medium

Center Knurling: No

Sleeve: Bright Zinc

Bar: Choose from 3 colors - Orange, Blue, Army Green

Bushing/Bearing: Dual Bronze Self-Lubricating Bushing

Sleeve: Pressed

Warranty: Lifetime*