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January 15, 2024 1 min read

Welcome to our Home Gym Hacks, where we share creative and effective ways to maximize your home workout experience. In this series, we dive into innovative exercise hacks that use minimal equipment, turning your home gym space into a powerhouse of fitness possibilities.

Getting into a Pull Up Progression

Pull up progression is helpful for when you've hit that plateau or are striving for a new PR to reach for. If you need an additional challenge with your pull ups, we have a plan to add tension without needing a weight vest or dip belt. Progressive pull ups help you build to that max weight and your new PR! Let’s get to it.

Setting Up Your Pull Up

Here’s what you need:

Mobility band: Acts as straps for the weight.

Weight Plate: Adds the weight for your progression, choose whichever plate you are comfortable with.

Pull Up bar: ...for the pull ups!


Getting into Position

1. Build Your Backpack: Thread your mobility band through the hole of the weight plate to make two "straps".

2. Wear it: Put your arms through each part of the mobility band "straps" and put the weight plate on your back like a backpack.

3. Go Time: You are now ready for the weighted pull up!

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