PRx Profile® Incline Folding Bench

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This is the bench you need for the space you have. The PRx Profile® Incline Folding Bench can adjust to 12 total positions, covering everything from flat to the military press position. Engineered to fit perfectly within all of our wall-mounted racks,* the Incline Folding Bench will line up with your rack, so you can get straight to your lift without fuss, no matter the incline position.  

Lift confidently with a bench that is sleek for recreational users, yet robust enough for the most dedicated lifters with a 1000lb capacity. All you need to do is pull out from the wall, and the bench deploys to the flat position. Adjust it to your preferred incline level and you’re ready to go.

All done? Simply fold back onto the wall in one motion for a low-profile bench that sticks out only inches when stored.

Made in USA. Patented and Patent Pending.

Color & Finish Black powder coat
Frame Material 11 gauge steel
Pad Material Vinyl-covered foam, 2" thick
Height 18" from floor
Weight 85lb (assisted with 120lb gas shocks)
Position Angles 0°, 20°, 30°, 37.5°, 45°, 50°, 55°, 60°, 65°, 70°, 75°, 85°
Capacity 1000lb
18" x 18" x 65.25" (HxWxD)
63.18" x 18" x 8" (HxWxD)
Required Space
65" x 50" x 66" (HxWxD)


*While the Fold-In Murphy Rack is fully compatible with the Incline Folding Bench, the uprights may not fold in completely flat due to the profile of the bench when stored on the wall.

All mounting hardware is included. Ships fully assembled.

The required space for your Incline Folding Bench for proper use within your rack is 65" height on the wall, 66" from the wall, and 50" of total width. This allows space for the bench to be properly stored, deployed, and used.

The Incline Folding Bench mounts onto two 16" studs, centered between any of our wall-mounted racks. If your studs are not spaced 16" apart, or you have unevenly spaced studs, you will need a ledger board.

The Incline Folding Bench mounts to the wall slightly lower than the PRx Profile® Flat Folding Bench. If you have an obstruction that is 8-15" from the floor (such as an outlet, foundation lip, or a wall bracket for your rack), please email us at for details.

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Cheryl M.
United States United States

Incline folding bench

Poorly designed. My expectation is that the head of the bench can be elevated independently from the seat. It is clunky and difficult to manage. Do not recommend.


PRx Performance

Hello Cheryl, I'm very sorry to hear that you're not happy with your bench. The Profile Incline Folding Bench was designed with the intention of keeping the user in line with their rack as they adjust the sitting position. Please feel free to reach out to for any assistance.

Brian W.
United States United States

Very Satisfied, would recommend

Products are very well built and designed. It was very helpful to have an installer help with the rack and bench. Getting everything organized and compact makes a small room feel much larger.

PRx Performance PRx Profile® Incline Folding Bench Review
Chris F.
United States United States

Incline Bench Disappoints

The incline bench will get your workout done and is sturdy enough for me to deem it safe. It does what it is supposed to do, however my overall rating is below par for the value of what you get for a very (very) high price point relative to other incline benches on the market. I have several issues with the design. For starters, the lower frame sticks out when the bench is set to the incline position. This is a necessary evil to keep the lifter positioned under the bar, but it is inconvenient to have the jagged metal tracks sticking out further than the seat pad and can be unsafe if trying to get into position with a pair of heavy dumbbells in ones hands. My second issue is all the pinch points. When folding the bench down from the wall, or when adjusting it to the incline position, grabbing the wrong part of the equipment to move it can make you very regretful. It doesn’t help that the design includes two bars that are handles on the left and right side of the seat pad. These serve no purpose and just confuse users. It is also very common for the edge stabilizing foot to hit the users toe or foot when folding down. This is because the incline is significantly heavier than the flat bench. Getting oneself in the right position to move the bench without overextending the back puts your toe right in the way. My wife refuses to fold it down for all of these reasons where she had no issue with the flat bench. Lastly and my most significant complaint is how clunky and loose the adjustment process is. Making adjustments feels like nails on a chalkboard with many parts being metal dragging on metal. For the price point of $1100, I expect the equipment to operate and adjust at least as easily as its free standing market counterparts that are one third the cost. Again, this does what it needs to do and does not seem to be unsafe. The pads are good quality and it is a stable design. But considering its price point I am very disappointed.

Dustin R.
United States United States

Been called OCD, and I like things clean!

Started when my 17-year-old son wanted to get bigger. I bought him all of the bow flex adjustable weight systems. Then he brought up needing a squat bench, which was a problem because of how big and bulky they are. That’s when my research started. PRX became the completely obvious choice! I choked on the price, but did it anyway. I cleared and organized and painted a section in my garage, and mounted it. IT FREAKIN LOOKS BEAUTIFUL, so clean. Needs it met for my fam: 1) looks clean and organized (my requirement) 2) takes up no space in the garage (wife can park no prob) 3) safely out the way (the 5 and 2 yr old can’t play with it) 4) Son is getting bigger (17 yr old and friends work out together) 5) I work out now (doing pull-ups and dips consistently) If your “that type” there is no other solution.

United States United States

Ready for Gains and Progress!!!

Just got our home gym 99% finished! Cannot wait to use it! Thank you PRx for everything!

PRx Performance PRx Profile® Incline Folding Bench ReviewPRx Performance PRx Profile® Incline Folding Bench Review