PRx 42' Assassin Ninja Rig

The PRx Assassin Ninja Rig is the perfect rack system for gymnastics, cross-functional fitness, and of course ninja gyms. Enhance your athletes' abilities while maximizing your club’s potential! Our 42-foot ninja rig allows athletes to hit every muscle group through obstacle courses, weight lifting, strength training, agility training, and anything else you can come up with!

The Assassin Ninja Rig can be built out to 42 feet. Too much? No problem. This rig is fully customizable, made up of 4-foot and 6-foot sections with the capability of going from 8 feet up to 12 feet tall.

Stealth personified, the Assassin Ninja Rig also easily converts into a cross-functional training and lifting space. The Ninja Rig accommodates 10 lifting stations for your athletes to work on not only their grip strength, but also their overall strength. Laser-cut numbers in each upright make J-cup placement easy for ninjas of all heights. Rest period? What rest period? Go from lifting to Ninjaing (yes it’s a word) in a flash!

The Assassin Ninja Rig offers a nearly infinite number of obstacle courses or ninja warrior training possibilities with up to nine sections in 4-foot and 6-foot increments so there's no worry of your course getting stale. PLUS you can customize the height of each section up to 12 feet high. Move your pull-up bars around, add any number of accessories to improve grip strength, etc. If you can imagine it, you can build it!

  • PRx Ninja chrome raw steel signs
  • Monkey Bars spanning the entire rig (includes ascending/descending areas)
  • 2 Flying Pull-Up Bars
  • 4 Cantilevers (extended bar to hang obstacles with zip-line capabilities)
  • 12 Pull-Up Bars for between the uprights
  • Pair of Gymnastic Rings
  • Pair of Ball Grips
  • 3 Hanging Cylinder Grips
  • Heavy Bag
  • 10 Weight-Lifting Stations
  • Salmon Ladder
  • Zipline Capabilities
  • Cargo Net
  • Rope Ladder

The largest configuration option is:

  • Height: 12’
  • Length: 42’
  • Width: 4’

"I wish I could harness the energy that is expended on our ninja course! We have over 200 kids in our Ninja program utilizing the framework made available to us from PRx. It’s a safe, interchangeable unit that fits exactly into what we’re promoting here at TNT Kids Fitness and the kids love seeing the weekly changes we add for their classes. 'I wish there was something like this when we were kids,' is a phrase I hear more and more as parents get to watch their kids climbing and challenging themselves on a daily basis! Thank you PRx for your creativity and solution to help create healthy kids in our community!"

Chris Hahn

Director of Curriculum and Training at TNT Kid's Fitness & Gymnastics

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