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Introducing the Talon™ Barbell Collars!

Are you tired of wasting valuable time and energy redoing sets due to your barbell collar slipping? At one point or another, most of us can relate to having to deal with the tedious task of putting on and taking off those pesky collars. They're either too hard to squeeze, too loose to be useful, or so clunky they can't possibly hold after a set of deadlifts. 

After all the messed up sets and wasted hours, FINALLY, the solution is here! The patent-pending Talon™ is the answer to all your barbell collar headaches! Literally one second on and one second off, the Talon™ keeps your weights where they belong even after repetitive drops. No more breaks or slips during lifts.

Oh and another bonus? It's highly visible and easy to spot whether an athlete has put the collar on or not. The Talon™ is much more than just a barbell collar. It's a patent-pending innovative solution for athletes who want to focus on their workout, not on their weights staying on the barbell.


- Anti-Slide Technology* Prevents Movement When Engaged -  
Sliding weights are now a thing of the past
- Durable and Compact Design -
Built to withstand the stresses of everyday lifting and weighs less than other collars
- Vibration-Proof -
Our Patent-Pending design has shown to be far superior in withstanding the violent vibrations encountered when being slammed on the ground.
- Easy Release Technology -
When removing the Talon™ Barbell Collar, the magnets are easily separated, as the opposite polarities are exposed. 



- Simple One-Hand Operation -
Only 1lb of force required to start the removal process.
- Versatile Magnetic Storability -
Stick em' on the weight rack or inner barbell while changing weights.
- Travel With Ease -
Just put them back to back and take them anywhere. You'll never want to use any other collars again.


Details: Choose between five colors. 

  • Orange
  • Black
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Pink


The Talon™ was born out of the need for athletes to use one hand to remove the collar, easily store while changing weight, and reapply quickly. All while providing the best non-slip solution on the market.

We start with a cross-curve steel strap and cold welded grade N52 Neodymium (rare-earth) magnets. They are then covered with a flexible non-slip surface for added grip and longevity.

A Sincere Thank You! 

We truly appreciate everyone taking the time to support our Talon™ Project. This concept was one of the reasons we started our company in early 2013, but we haven't had the time or resources to complete this project. We are thrilled at the opportunity to bring this idea to life. Please help us spread the word to your friends and loved ones!

*For use on Olympic Bars only

Care instructions

  • If your plates start to slide during your workouts, your Talons more than likely need a quick bath!
  • Dampen your finger by passing under running water and moisten the grippy side of the Talon with your finger
  • Squeeze a drop of liquid dish detergent on your finger and run along the Talon to wash
  • Rinse under lukewarm water and let AIR DRY
  • Store in open position



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Robert H.
United States

Great Product!!!

I have been exclusively using the Talon collar the last 2 weeks. I have put them through brutal works, from heavy clean and jerks to lots of snatches. The collars STAY put.

Charlie R.
United States

Good for home gym use

I bought these to test them out for my affiliate. I love the concept, and they work pretty good. The only issue is that the talon part of the clip is hard to use. In an affiliate setting where I can't teach every single individual how to use them, some people ended up not attaching the clip all the way. This cause one of them to fall off, and get smashed by a plate. I have a home gym that I will be happy to take them too and use :)

Andrea Z.
United States

Talon Collars

Loving them! Easy on and off and holds plates secure!

Grant K.
United States

Wicked Talons

These things are freakin awesome!

Katie M.
United States

Love my Talon Barbell Collar

I’ve shared my love for this product with everyone at TCB Crossfit!

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