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June 16, 2024 2 min read

Welcome to our Home Gym Hacks, where we share creative and effective ways to maximize your home workout experience. In this series, we dive into innovative exercise hacks that use minimal equipment, turning your home gym space into a powerhouse of fitness possibilities.

Cable Pulley Belt Squat

Belt squats are a great way to work your lower body without compressing your spine.

While belt squat machines take up a lot of home gym real estate, this cable pulley hack barely takes up any space at all.

In this home gym hack I’ll show you how to recreate this machine with your weight rack, a cable pulley system, a dip belt, and weight plates.

If you own a PRx folding rack, then you’ll need the locking system as well.

Belt Squat Hack Equipment

Here’s what you need:

Weight rack: Pull up bar supports the top pulley

High and low pulley system: Weight hangs from top pulley and is pulled from the lower pulley

Weight plates: Add weight plates to loading pin for resistance, also work as a platform to add depth to the squat

Dip belt: Goes around your waist to squat hands free

Rack locking system: This keeps the weight rack from folding up

Setting Up The Lat Pulldown

  1. Secure the rack:Attach the rack locking system to the upright you’ll be using for the low pulley
  2. Attach the high and low pulley system: Add a top pulley to your pull up bar. Cable is connected to a loading pin on one end. Other end of the cable goes through the low pulley.
  3. Load up: Add weight plates to the loading pin
  4. Add height: Stack a couple weight plates on top of each for each leg to add depth to the squat
  5. Secure dip belt:Secure the dip belt to your waist and clip it to the low cable
  6. Go Time: Squat hands free!

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