The Week of the 100+ PlyoBoxes

February 02, 2018 2 min read

This week we were missing our noble Warehouse Manager, Matt, out in the warehouse. He and Tyler (another warehouse employee) went on a trip over the weekend and we were excited to see them again on Wednesday. You never realize what you have until it’s gone, as they say, and Monday and Tuesday it was very apparent that they were missing. In the meantime, the rest of us did what we could to make up for all the “Matt-isms” (we are coining that term for knows Matt, who is basically a Golden Retriever in human form). Austin sat in his chair and made sure to give us a Matt-like morning meeting, ranging from the “Wait WHAT?!” to the “How about YOU GUYS?”. He barely skipped a beat.

In addition to those two missing, we were worried about when a large shipment would be coming in. If it were to come on Monday or Tuesday, we would have been short two very capable (and strong) workers to unload that truck. Luckily for us, we received a call about the truck coming in on Friday so both Matt and Tyler would be back to help (but were not too sure about the time it would show up). Turns out the truck showed up at about 7am which was unfortunate since we don’t open until 8 typically. Long story short, all of the warehouse guys hustled to work a bit early to get cracking on the truck. By 8, the whole PRx Team, including our newest employee Ben (it was his first day), was out in the warehouse unloading that truck and getting all the products put away! Because of the great teamwork we had, we got the truck unloaded in under an hour! Pretty impressive since there were more than 100 PRx Soft-Sided Plyoboxes on that shipment!

This week we also started our February promotion, offering a special deal on all Profile packages (free upgrade from Profile rack to PRO rack) to kick off our SWOLE Mates packages. SWOLE Mates Packages are for any two people who enjoy working out together to get SWOLE. We have put the His & Hers package into this category along with our 2 new packages named: “SWOLE Mates: BROs Package” and “SWOLE Mates: Ladies Package” to benefit those who don’t need the other men’s or women’s bar, and instead include the SupraBar Curl Bar from TROY Barbell and two medicine balls of the same size (levels the playing field for competitions between you two).

[Alex, Matt, and Ryan getting gainz]

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