• Cerakote Advantages - Black Friday Exclusive Release

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    Why Cerakote?

    There has been a buzz around cerakote barbells exploding into the fitness industry over the last year or two, with many major companies releasing numerous colors and designs for customers to spice up their equipment collection.

    With the sea of colored barbells flooding garage gyms and CrossFit boxes, the main component of any gym, the squat rack, has been excluded from all of the fun, which is why we’re here writing to you today.


    We're releasing the first cerakote rack on the market to give home gym owners something a little extra to brag about when talking about their home gym. Watch for it this Black Friday, 2018 and to make its appearance into home gyms across the nation for the holiday season!

    But the real question is, what is the difference between a cerakote rack and a standard powder coat rack (which is what a large majority of companies coat their racks with). Here’s a breakdown on the major differences and why cerakote might catch your eye a little more this Black Friday season:


    Cerakote is used primarily in the gun industry and is a very tough, thin, corrosion-resistant coating. Because of the tougher texture, it is more abrasion resistant than most powder coats on the market, which makes it more appealing to squat rack owners who beat their equipment up day in and day out (like they should be doing). With the thin layer of “ceramic paint”, which is what a lot of coaters refer to it as, you are also able to see some of the blemishes that come with the steel, making it a cleaner, but grittier look for your garage gym.

    However, with the added benefits of cerakote that powder coating lacks, it comes with an added cost to get the steel painted.

    Powder Coat

    Powder coat, on the other hand, is cheaper to paint in mass quantities, but you do not get the corrosion resistant characteristic that cerakote has. Here at PRx, we use an industrial grade powder coat on all of our squat racks that will last years, but with the added elements of moisture in the garage and potential chipping of the paint, even industrial-grade powder coats will not stand up to the elements as well as cerakote. Don’t get us wrong, as stated above, our industrial-grade powder coat will last for years to come and our racks carry a lifetime warranty, but cerakote is an all-around tougher, grittier option when comparing the two options.

    We’re excited to bring the first ever Black Cerakote rack to market this Black Friday. It’s something we’ve been working on with our painters for some time now and to see it come to fruition is an exciting feeling that we can’t wait to share with you!

    Cerakote is here and it’s here to stay. So snag yours this Black Friday and be one of the firsts to sport one in your garage gym.

    To sign up for our Cerakote Rack Giveaway taking place Dec. 12, 2018, follow the link: https://prxperformance.com/pages/cerakote-rack-giveaway

    We appreciate you all.

    PRx Performance

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  • Fitting Fitness into Life: Amber Kay Papi

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    HEY fitness friends! My name is Amber, and I’m a 26 year-old former Division 1 athlete and my husband is a professional baseball player. I just recently started my own personal training and online coaching business because I never wanted to work for a public gym, and thanks to PRx, I don’t have to! No need to worry about commuting, public gym limitations, restrictions, rules, or membership fees because I have my OWN professional gym in our garage. I get to workout and train clients in a space that isn’t cluttered with people and thousands of machines, and I also get to produce content for my social media platforms and online clients! Not to mention it’s a great place for my husband to lift in his off-season! IT’S LEGIT! Now let me tell you how I got to this point…

    I have been an athlete all my life. I started playing soccer at the ripe age of 3. I played for the Olympic Development Program all the way through high school before being recruited by the University of Virginia to play soccer on a scholarship there. My husband played baseball at UVA, which is where we met. He was then selected in the 2014 MLB Draft the same year I graduated.

    Although my soccer career came to an end, health and fitness still came naturally to me because it had essentially been my “job” as a full-time athlete most of my life. After college, my routine was thrown off because I was no longer going to training 3-4 hours a day with my team, I had to go to work in the “real world” and find time for workouts around my schedule. I worked multiple jobs right out of college (Photographer for the Chicago Blackhawks…Production Artist…Insurance Case Manager…and Graphic Designer), and it quickly became clear to me that I was not a ‘sit-in-a-cubicle-from-9-to-5’ kind of person. I thrive on activity and I wanted to make a career out of it.

    It all started when my husband and I moved from Chicago to Charlotte and I began studying for my personal training certification exam. We joined the YMCA, and besides the 20-minute drive to the gym and how crowded it always was, we made it work. But when I decided to start filming my workouts and promoting myself on social media as a fitness influencer, it became increasingly difficult to do that at a packed gym (especially one that put signs up saying “no photos or videos”…oops!)

    At that point, I had to start filming workouts in our garage with the minimal equipment we had (dumbbells and resistance bands), and I wanted MORE! When I finally got my certification, I kept dreaming about having my own personal gym. Soon after that, my husband came across the PRx advertisement…

    Before we knew it, we were prepping our garage for our massive PRx delivery! We added rubber stall mats for the platform and filled out the rest of the flooring with foam gym tiles. We added mirrors to the walls and covered the far side of the garage with a sheet barrier. It was crazy to see it transform from just a place for our cars, to a place that held our “stuff” and junk, to a lonely dumbbell rack, then into a FULLY FUNCTIONING GYM! There is nothing better than being in our house and saying, “want to go workout?” then simply just walking into our garage. We are not only saving money by having the PRx system, we are actually MAKING money using it!

    As a personal trainer and online coach, I love being in the business of changing lives, promoting health and fitness, and making people feel good about themselves. And with this impressive home gym, I actually feel like a professional.

    If you are contemplating buying a PRx system for your garage, let me tell you with absolute certainty that you will NOT regret it! It’s an investment, but one that will improve your health and fitness while increasing your time spent with family. We can’t wait to continue adding more equipment to our constantly evolving, ever-growing home gym.


    Instagram: @papi.training

    Facebook: Papi Health & Fitness

    Check out my instagram for daily workout videos and fitness inspiration!

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  • Pumped in Pink - 2018 Edition

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    Started five years ago, Pink it Forward's Mission is to empower those currently impacted by breast cancer by sending care packages filled with useful items.

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