PRx 2022 Rewind

December 19, 2022 2 min read

Dear 2022, 

This year was a big one at PRx. From new products to a fabulous open house to a dunk tank at our annual board meeting: 2022 was one for the books! Honestly, so much happened it’s just too much to write about, so we’ll keep this short - here are the 3 favorite things that happened at PRx in 2022!

1 - New Brand Alert

Our mission at PRx is to help people Fit Fitness into Life. Thanks to our long-standing partnership with TNT Kid’s Fitness, we saw thateveryonedeserves to break a sweat. We launched a new brand called SensoryRx to provide sensory-focused movement opportunities, including individuals with special needs. We are on a mission to help everyone Find Focus through Movement in places like sensory gyms, therapy clinics, and homes. Talk about a rewarding and exciting venture!

SnesoryRx Pods with child playing

2 - New Products Galore

You know we love getting your gear off the ground and bringing you new storage solutions, so this new product was a no-brainer for us! The Wall-Mounted Dumbbell Storage was launched and you guys love it! You can install your storage flat for kettlebells or at an angle for dumbbells. Goodbye stubbed toes, hello organization! 

PRx Wall-Mount Dumbbell Storage

What happened next? Low ceilings met their match! To help you get more gear on your wall without using more studs, our engineers created the perfect addition to our 73 in squat racks - the PRx Topper Bar. Check it out! 

PRx Topper Bar

Another one! We finally launched something you’ve been begging for - the PRx Low Pulley. This thing is a game-changer in the home gym. You can add so many movements with this thing! Here are some of our favorites. 

3 - Another New Brand?!

Oh yeah, we’ve been a little busy this year… Introducing MVT Fitness, your new favorite workout app! Designed with you in mind, MVT was created by REAL coaches to provide REAL results for every fitness level. But you’ll find out more about it really really soon! 

MVT Fitness App. Movement that moves you


Now, it’s time for us to share a few pints as a crew and celebrate the last 365 days of hard work, and get ready for 2023 - the year of innovation.

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