• How to Start Your Home Gym - Part 1

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    Welcome to Part 1 of a 3-part blog series outlining how to start your home gym, the programming that will propel you to your fitness goals, and customizing your home gym to best suit you! So the first question you must ask yourself is...

    Have you got what it takes to be a home gym hero?

    It may be a breaking point. It may be ingrained in who you are. It might be the biggest leap outside of your comfort zone you've ever taken. Whatever the catalyst that drives you to finally install your own bad-ass home gym, we have all the perfect guidelines, programming, products, and inspiration you need. 

    It takes a special mindset to successfully start training at home, but many have taken the leap of faith and reaped the benefits from it.

    A majority of the time it's just you vs. yourself. That's the best motivation you can ever have.

    Sometimes the atmosphere of having others around you sweating, exhausted and feeling accomplished is addicting, which may be why walking out your door into an empty garage may seem like a bigger obstacle than driving 15 minutes to your local commercial gym. 

    But have you ever sweat your ass off and felt that level of accomplishment from the comfort of your own home? This is what the home gym hero feels on a regular basis.

    Walk a moment in the home gym hero's shoes:

    You walk into YOUR garage, YOUR gym, and work out on YOUR own equipment. No waiting in lines or spending an hour driving to and from your commercial gym. No. This is your space.

    The home gym hero has a sense of mental toughness that cannot be matched. He (or she) chooses to optimize his time by training alone or with a friend and he reaps the long-term benefits of saving money and investing in his health.

    Where to Start?

    But if you have never worked out at home or been to someone's house that does, how do you start?

    PRx Performance CEO Brian Brasch weighed in on the most effective way to start your home gym journey:

    You have to have a vision in place. With no vision, there is no clear path to the end goal. Everyone who starts a home gym must ask themselves a few questions:

    • What am I trying to accomplish?
    • How do I get there?
    • And what kind of equipment do I need?

    Take a moment and think about the answers to these questions. Just consider this: when you start a home gym, it's not only an investment in yourself, but also an investment in your home. You're making a commitment to use the equipment that stares you in the face every time you walk through your garage. Which leads to another big factor in becoming a home gym owner...


    Commitment is a huge factor in not only reaching your fitness goals, but also making sure you get a return on your investment.

    When you finally decide to take the leap and develop the mental toughness it takes to achieve your goals from the comfort of your home and invest in your health and future, where do you look next?

    PRx Performance will trade you a full home gym setup for 10 feet of wall space and an 8-foot ceiling. Our patented lines of folding squat racks, the Profile and PRO series, allow you to have a full home gym and still let you park your vehicle inside.

    Feeling inspired? So pick out your favorite color squat rack, receive your new equipment on your front step, and complete the installation.

    The anticipation of receiving your home gym at your front door is unbearable for most!

    What's Next?

    Congrats! You've taken the first step to being a Home Gym Hero! So great, you've got the equipment, but now what? My next blog post will have detailed pointers on how PRx Fit (our free fitness app) and the programming behind it can propel you to your fitness goals, straight from the comfort of your home. Stay tuned!

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  • Behind the Scenes with Shark Tank

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    "I've Always Wanted to Visit There in February..."

    The words Kevin uttered during our first Shark Tank appearance will live in infamy. From that statement came the concept of getting Kevin O'Leary to Fargo in February to not only see how we've been doing for the past year, but to get him out on a frozen lake to do some ice fishing!

    The logistics were kind of a nightmare. First, fly everyone to Fargo. Then get them all out to 'the lake' (if you're from anywhere in the upper central midwest region, you'll know that everyone has a lake place and goes there frequently. Eg. "So...you headin' to 'da lake this weekend? Oh yah, we'll be at the lake.")

    The Shark Tank film crew flew into Fargo on Thursday, the day before filming, to meet the team, discuss wardrobe, and scope out locations at our warehouse, the ice house, and the lake (and do a little ice fishing themselves!).

    Famous bad-ass athlete Christmas Abbott flew in late on Thursday and the guys in the office pretty much arm wrestled each other to see who would get to transfer her from the airport to her hotel. Ryan was lucky enough to get that assignment!

    We recently teamed up with Christmas to work together on our new app, PRx Fit. We thought it would be fun to integrate some of the shots we needed to launch the app with the Shark Tank filming. Plus, we wanted to impress Kevin.  

    Friday - Filming Day

    Cut to Friday. Eric got tapped to pick up Christmas and take her to the lake for a photo shoot before everyone else got there for filming. He hated that.

    Christmas Abbott and Eric on the way to the lake

    Selfies with Christmas!


    In the meantime, the Shark Tank crew was over at Brian's (Brasch, CEO) house interviewing he and Erik (Hopperstad, President). Once they finished that, it was off to the lake for everyone!

    Kevin O'Leary joined the gang at that point for some cool shots on the lake, in the ice house, some filming, and then for a good old-fashioned fish fry!

    Fun on the lake

    Fun on the lake!

    Time to Head Back to Fargo

    After wrapping up lunch, the lake gang loaded up to head back to Fargo, where the real magic happens (haha, our office & warehouse crew offers up a hearty RAWR to that comment!). We got to stay behind and get orders out the door and answer the phone and emails instead of traipsing around with famous people. 

    The Shark Tank crew got lots of shots of us packing up orders and going about our daily business. Kevin was on hand to ask more questions of Brian & Erik and go over more of the nitty gritty details of PRx Performance. 

    Filming at our Fargo location!

    Candids taken in between filming at our warehouse


    And we had the photographer on hand to get some amazing shots of Christmas working out on our equipment.

    Christmas working out with PRxHey! This lady's programming is going to be available on our new app, PRx Fit!

    Perfect Way to End a Long Day of Filming

    After filming, we all ran home to get our fancy duds on and came back together for an evening full of great conversation and food. It was a 'wonderful' way to celebrate the end of a successful shoot and toast to the future success of our partnerships!

    Dinner and a toast

    Terrible picture taken from my phone of Kevin preparing to give a toast.


    The Finished Product

    The fruits of our labor (and the hard-working Shark Tank film crew, of course).   

    Shark Tank Video Opener





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  • Spider Chalk - The Only Chalk Made in the USA

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    Why Innovative Chalk Matters

    We're getting geeky about chalk! When we came across Spider Chalk, we were impressed to learn that it's the only chalk made in the USA. Then we started talking to James Hobson: the founder, owner, and living-breathing chalk evangelist and were schooled in how much more there is to know!

    What Sets Spider Chalk Apart: Into the Lab

    As the only USA manufacturer of gym and weightlifting chalk, Spider Chalk products last two-times longer than conventional chalk. Why? Because their chalk contains pure lab-grade magnesium carbonate (lab-grade is rarely used). 

    As James explained to us, "Typically, chalk is mined from limestone in giant slabs and then refined and separated into calcium carbonate (sidewalk chalk) and magnesium carbonate (gym chalk). Magnesium carbonate has excellent drying ability while calcium carbonate, once wet, feels slimy. Higher grades of magnesium carbonate means higher concentrations of magnesium carbonate and lower concentrations of undesirable elements. That's why we offer the highest-grade and purest magnesium carbonate on the planet."

     Magnesium Carbonate - the good stuff!


    Don't Forget about Particle Size! 

    But even with the highest grade of purity, there are still other factors to consider when making the world's best chalk for athletes. James went on to explain, "The least well-known, often overlooked, and maybe most important aspect of any high-grade, performance chalk is the particle size." 

    "Particle size determines the feel of the chalk, the texture. And the texture affects the performance of the chalk. All powder chalk (and therefore all block chalk) has a certain particle size. Larger particles feel similar to sand or salt on the hand and have a rough texture. Those larger particles, while greatly increasing grip, do not fit into the tiny grooves of the hand and immediately rub off. Constant re-chalking just becomes a part of life. Conversely, smaller particles feel like flour and have a smooth, slippery texture. And although it feels slippery on the fingers, the smaller particle size gets into the grooves of your hand and absorbs moisture, which helps your hand stay extra dry." 

    Spider Chalk uses multiple particle sizes to get the superior effects of both small, medium, and large particles. The texture of their powder and block chalk is dry and grippy and fits into every tiny space of your fingers, palm, and forearm. The chalk acts as a super friction-enhancing grip aide! 


    Since most companies import their chalk and simply just add their label to the package, they do not have control over the particle size or the purity. But because Spider Chalk wanted to offer athletes the ultimate performance chalk, they took even something as seemingly insignificant as particle size into consideration from the beginning. 

    The Real Deal

    When you use Spider Chalk you can be assured knowing that every chalk batch is lab-tested for consistency, and all the blocks and powders are produced and packaged in the USA. The best chalk ever created! 

    Spider Chalk has proven that innovative chalk matters. Better chalk matters. And people do care about USA made products.

    PRx Athlete Christmas Abbott contemplating the superiority of Spider Chalk ;)

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