What Does Modular Really Mean?

December 20, 2021 1 min read

After hours of designing, engineering, developing (and testing), PRx has officially launched Build Limitless®, a new line of modular squat racks.

What does modular really mean?

It’s simple, we’ve created a rack system that grows with you!

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Modular products have interchangeable items that allow you to customize and grow as needed. Aka, start small, and grow big. The big question is what rack will you pick to start your Build Limitless journey?

Meet Build Limitless

At its base, Build Limitless offers five racks in total – the Wall-Mounted, the Squat Stand, the Half Rack, the Full Cage, and the 6-Post.

These racks feature:

  • 3x3” 11-Gauge Steel
  • ⅝” Laser-Cut Holes
  • Westside Spacing
  • Accessories for every rack

But what makes this line of power racks so unique are the expansion packs.

Expansion Packs let you grow your rack when your space and/or budget are ready. So you can start at a Squat Stand and, with the right Expansion Pack, end up with a 6-Post!

How to Build Limitless

Step One: Pick the rack that’s right for you, right now

It doesn’t matter if you are limited on space or budget, Build Limitless has options that can work for you.

Step Two: Work on Building a Better You

Step Three: Grow Your Rack

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