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PRx 2021 Rewind

December 28, 2021 2 min read

Do you ever look back on a year and think, “Holy crap! We did all that?!”? 

2019 brought us some great memories and crazy experiences.

2020 was a blur of selling out of products in seconds and surviving the aftermath of a flooded building. 

And 2021 will forever be known as the year of product launches!

It’s been a jam-packed year, and we wouldn’t change a thing (well, maybe one thing...).

Our Year In Review

PRx 2021 Rewind

  • We moved into our new headquarters!!!! Well, we sort of moved. Turns out we ran into a lot of delays, but we got approval for our warehouse space and condensed down from three buildings to one! Our wide-open space filled up fast and our office crew is counting down the days until the other half of the building is complete.

Our New HQ

  • We brought our vlogs back! Stay up to date with the PRx crew here

  • We survived a typical Fargo year filled with multiple blizzards, insanely hot days, and a ridiculous amount of wind.
  • We ran out of forks. Literally. We couldn’t find forks for like, a week. 
  • We held an EPIC Board Meeting. Each year, the PRx crew takes a bus out to a lake for a day filled with games, swimming, goals discussions, and maybe a brew or two. This year, we spent the day playing tug-of-war, bean bags, and canoeing around the lake. 

PRx Board Meeting 2021

PRx Incline Folding Bench

We made the Inc 5000 List

  • We changed the fitness industry once again with our new modular power rack line, Build Limitless®. After countless hours spent planning, attending meetings, designing, and testing, we introduced our unique squat rack that lets you start small and grow big. Check out the racks here:

Meet Build Limitless

In spite of all that growing and fun, we still somehow kept our sanity, humor, and culture through it all. So cheers to a year of new products, new challenges, and new PRs. Thanks for being a part of our PRx Crew. We’ll see you in 2022.

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