Revolutionizing Racks: The Innovation of 5/8th Inch Uprights

September 04, 2023 2 min read

In the dynamic world of fitness, even the smallest advancements can make a significant impact on the training experience. In this pursuit of excellence, we have embraced the introduction of new 5/8th inch holes to improve precision and maintain durability on your racks. This seemingly minor alteration in our racks has led to many benefits that are set to redefine how fitness enthusiasts approach their workouts.

New Uprights: Precision Redefined

One of the most noteworthy advantages of the new 5/8th inch holes lies in the unique concept of West- Side Spacing. Unlike the earlier 1-inch hole configuration, the 5/8th inch holes allow for a more precise arrangement of accessories and attachments along the uprights. This innovation targets the heart of the issue faced by weightlifting aficionados: how to maximize the utility of the uprights' surface area.

With the Westside Spacing feature, users can now strategically place accessories in the most heavily utilized zone of the uprights. This improved arrangement not only enhances the overall efficiency of the workout routine but also minimizes clutter and confusion. Whether it's spotter arms, J-Cups, or customized add-ons, Westside Spacing empowers users to design their setups with meticulous precision.

Expanded Possibilities

Diversity in workout routines often demands versatility in equipment setups. The shift from 1 inch to 5/8th inch holes has ushered in an era of expanded possibilities by introducing hole spacing every 2 inches on all sides outside of the west-side area. This expanded hole spacing opens the gateway to a multitude of attachments and accessories, catering to a broader spectrum of fitness regimens.

This innovation transforms racks into multi-functional hubs capable of accommodating a range of workouts and exercise variations. Users can effortlessly switch between setups that were previously hindered by limited hole spacing, bringing fluidity and creativity to their fitness endeavors.

Cohesive Spacing

One of the overarching advantages of adopting the 5/8th inch holes is the uniformity it brings across all PRx Product lines. Regardless of the product model, the standardized hole spacing ensures consistency in design and compatibility. This cohesiveness paves the way for a seamlessly integrated fitness ecosystem, accommodating present and future products alike.

This innovative step forward fosters a sense of familiarity and ease for users transitioning between different PRx products. It not only simplifies the process of incorporating new equipment into existing setups but also hints at a future where a wide array of complementary products can harmoniously coexist.

Precision Visualized

In the pursuit of precision, even the minutest details matter. Acknowledging this, the incorporation of laser-cut numbers every 2 inches on the uprights becomes a testament to the commitment towards accuracy. These laser-cut numbers provide users with an instant reference, ensuring swift and exact adjustments in their setups.

The laser-cut numbers reduce the guesswork associated with adjusting attachments and accessories. It's a small yet impactful feature that empowers users with the ability to fine-tune their routines down to the smallest increments, enhancing overall safety and performance.

Stay Up To Date

The introduction of new 5/8th inch holes in racks is an exciting step in the realm of fitness equipment design. As fitness enthusiasts embrace this evolution, it becomes clear that even the tiniest advancements can lead to monumental transformations in the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.

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