Top 5 Storage Solutions To Keep Your Gym in Shape

May 27, 2021 3 min read

Is Storage Important in Home Gym Setups?

Storage solutions. Perhaps storage is not the most exciting part of a home gym, but it is arguably the most important aspect of a solid gym build. Efficient storage solutions transform your room from a space where you simply go to a gym where you want to be.

That’s why we are going over our top five favorite storage pieces to give your gym a touch of oomph and a pinch of organizational excellence.

Here’s our list of top 5 Storage Solutions:

->Hanging Single Bar

->Hanging Double Bar

->Profile Specialty Bar

->3 Peg Weight Storage

->4 Peg Weight Storage

Let’s start with bar storage.

How do you store Barbells?

Okay, your profile rack folds and mounts on the wall, so why can’t your barbells hang from the wall, too? Propping your barbell up in a corner or laying it on the ground isn’t a good idea, as that method can damage the bar. Luckily, we’ve got your bar with the Hanging Single and Double Bar storage options. Quick, easy, and efficient, these keep your bars in a vertical position, which is a huge space saver compared to horizontal mounts.

Vertical Barbell storage solution for storing bars

What about Hex Bars?

No worries! We also offer Specialty Bar storage for your hex bars, safety bars, or standard OLY bars if you have the ceiling height. If you have multiple bars, or are looking for a way to add a bit of spice to your bar workouts, we also offer our exclusive Wall-Mounted Landmine Bar that acts as a storage place for your bar too. Imagine all your bars lined up and on display. Each with their own dedicated spot in your gym. A nice picture, eh?

Hex bar vertical storage solution for hex bars

Now you have solutions for your bar, but how about all those weights sitting on the ground?

Weight Plates Don’t need to go on the Floor.

multiple weights on a weight storage solution

Next, we have plate storage. While there are multiple options, including plate trees, A-frame racks, front loading racks (the list goes on and on)... all these options have the same flaw: They take up precious floor space!

You technically could just keep your plates on the floor. However, stubbing your toe or catching your heel on a plate can be painful. But you can easily avoid that scenario from ever occurring (and save on floor space, of course) by choosing to store your plates vertically!

PRx offers Three and Four peg solutions. Each peg can hold two 45-pound crumb plates. Additionally, you can opt to pair these weight pegs with a Wing Storage Extension. No more moving change plates out of the way(so handy). No more bending over to grab all your weights. Now you can have a dedicated spot for them that doesn’t equal the floor.

If you have a few kettlebells lying around, you guessed it, we have sleek little Kettlebell storage homes for them too!

Kettlebell in a kettlebell storage solution

Clutter? Not if we can help it!

Those are our top five (and maybe a few more) simple storage solutions that make your home gym run seamlessly. If you love storage solutions as much as we do, see all the storage options that PRx offers at, and check out our latest video on our YouTube Channel to see these storage solutions in action.

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