PRx Specialty Bar Storage

Get your specialty bar off the floor and on the wall with the Specialty Bar Storage. It's compatible with hex bars, safety squat bars, and everything in between! If ceiling height isn't an issue, it can even store your favorite OLY bar too. Your entire collection can be handled with this storage solution. 

We recommend never mounting bar storage under a pull-up bar. You want your bars to shine all on their own, don’t you?

All mounting hardware is included, and installation is just a wall stud away.

Made in the USA.

Color & Finish Black Powder Coat
Weight 3lb
Dimensions 9" x 3" x 3.75" (HxWxD)
Hole Diameter 2" (fits Olympic-size sleeves)

All mounting hardware is included.

How much space is needed depends on the bar. It is recommended to add 18" to the length of the bar you plan to store for minimum ceiling height. This will allow proper storage and removal without touching the floor or damaging the ceiling.

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