PRx Safety Squat Bar Storage

A safety squat bar is great for leg day, but where do you put it when you're done? Its odd shape and long length make finding a good place to store it a challenge; which is why we developed the PRx Safety Squat Bar Storage!

We designed this storage mount to fit just about any safety squat bar and specialty bar on the market. With a deeper profile from the wall, it handles all the bends in all the bars with just one stud.

Handle your entire bar collection with this elegant storage solution. This storage is compatible with:

  • safety squat bars
  • hex bars
  • curl bars
  • OLY bars (if ceiling height allows) 
  • and more...

We recommend never mounting bar storage under a pull-up bar, 'cuz well, it just gets in the way. We include all mounting hardware, which means your installation is just a wall stud away!

Made in the USA.

Material & Finish 7-gauge steel, black powder coat
Capacity 200lb
Dimensions 10.5" x 3" x 6" (HxWxD)
Hole Distance From Wall 4.25" on center
Hole Diameter 2" (fits Olympic-size sleeves)

All mounting hardware is included.

How much clearance you need depends on the bar. Measure the bar you intend to use with this storage and add 10" to determine your minimum ceiling height. This will allow proper storage without damaging the ceiling.

A minimum of 6" sleeve length is needed to properly store the bar.

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