Talon™ Barbell Collars

The Talon™ is the answer to all your barbell collar headaches. Only one second to put on and one second to take off, the Talon™ keeps your weights where they belong. Even after repetitive drops, this vibration-proof design keeps weights locked in tight. No more breaks or slips during lifts.

The Talon was born out of the need for athletes to use one hand to remove the collar, easily store while changing weight, and reapply quickly.

The cross-curve steel strap and cold-welded grade N52 Neodymium magnets are covered with a flexible non-slip surface for added grip and longevity. They hold tight when in use, and only require 1 lb of force to remove. Plus, an added bonus - stick them on the rack when not in use.

For use on Olympic barbells only.

If your plates start to slide during your workouts, your Talons need a quick bath. Dampen your finger by passing under running water and moisten the grippy side of the Talon with your finger. Squeeze a drop of liquid dish detergent on your finger and run along the Talon to wash. Rinse under lukewarm water and let AIR DRY. Store in open position.

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