Build Limitless® Half Rack

Build Limitless® Half Squat Rack

Small footprint, big lifts. This rack is one of our favorites. It's sturdy, saves space, and adds more storage and accessory capabilities with an extra set of uprights.

The Build Limitless® Half Squat Rack is USA-made and features 3x3" 11-gauge steel uprights, crossmembers, and angled feet with a straight pull-up bar on the front. Our premier powder coat protects the rack so you can work out in your garage, house, or commercial gym knowing this rack is built to last.

You can go all out and order the Half Rack, or you can build up to it. What matters is you get the right rack, right now. If you want to build, start with a Wall Mount Rack or Squat Stand, and when the time is right, come back for the Half Rack Expansion Pack

All uprights and crossmembers have holes laser cut in optimal locations for limitless accessory placement. The coveted 1" hole spacing in the bench area of the uprights makes for precise J-cup placement on chest day.

Want a cage to right out of the gate? Get the Build Limitless 6-Post Power Rack right now, or stick with the Half Rack and upgrade through the 6-Post Expansion Pack later.

Made in the USA.

We recommend anchoring the rack to the floor (anchoring hardware not included).

Rack Specifications
  • Made in the USA
  • Black powder coat finish
  • 3x3" 11-gauge steel
  • 5/8" diameter laser-cut holes
  • Height: 95" or 81" uprights
  • Depth: 18" crossmembers
  • Width: 42" crossmember and floor spreader
  • Uprights configurations (front/back): 95/95, 95/81, or 81/81
  • Capacity: 1000lb rating
  • Upright hole spacing: 1" inside the bench area, 2" above and below
  • Laser-cut notch every 5 holes on uprights
What's Included
  • (1) pair of J-cups
  • (1) straight 42" pull-up bar
  • (2) angled foot supports for floor anchoring
  • All assembly hardware (except for floor anchors)

Expansion Pack

Half Rack to 6-Post | EXP Pack

What is Build Limitless® ?

  • Choose Your Rack

    • Pick what fits your space, goals, and budget. When you're ready, our Expansion Packs are an easy way to level up without limits! All Build Limitless racks are USA-made, built to last, and come in our tough black powder coat.

      Choose a Squat Stand, Wall-Mount, Half Rack, Full Cage, or 6-Post Power Rack. All racks are available in 81" or 95" height.
  • Grow with Expansion Packs

    • Think of it like a pyramid. The Squat Stand and Wall-Mount are entry racks - sturdy, space efficient, and easy on the wallet. When you're ready for more functionality, purchase an Expansion Pack to build up to a Half Rack or a Full Cage. You can stop there with a sick setup or go all out and expand to the top-tier 6-Post Power Rack.

      The journey is yours to choose, and our Expansion Packs are here to make it easy and cost effective. All crossmembers, uprights, angled feet, and hardware you receive in your Expansion Pack will match your current equipment so everything stays consistent and compatible.

      Need help? Our team is ready for any question and can help you start with the right rack, right now. Email us at
  • Build with Rack Accessories

    • We have everything you need to get started for storage and safety and stay tuned for more accessories. Some things you've already seen....and some you haven't. We promise to never stop coming out with accessories to make your rack set up as versatile as you want and need. It's in the name!

      The bigger your rack, the more options and freedom you have. You keep building and we'll keep innovating!
  • Why You Should Build Limitless®

    • You deserve to get the best quality rack, no matter your space or budget. Whether you start with a Squat Stand or go big with the 6-Post Power Rack, you can transform your rack with ease because all Build Limitless racks and accessories use the same tubing, hole spacing, and hardware to ensure maximum compatibility across the entire series. And best of all? They’re all made in the USA!

      The Racks, Accessories, and Expansion Packs that are in this series will be limitless, so you can always be Building a Better You.