Build Limitless® Squat Stand

Build Limitless® Squat Stand

Not all squat stands are equal. Simple, sturdy, and ready for whatever workout you throw at it, this rack is easy on space and the wallet. Even better? Using our Expansion Packs, this is the only squat stand that has the ability to upgrade without wasting steel and money.

All Build Limitless Racks have 1" hole spacing on the uprights from 22" to 46". This allows for precise J-cup and spotter arm placement where it really matters. Laser-cut numbers on the front and back of the uprights provide easy reference when moving attachments. The hole spacing on the side of each upright is in increments of 2" and allows for more options and adjustability for all kinds of attachments. The Build Limitless line is also available in six colors if you want to go for that extra pop!

The Squat Stand is considered a solid base model in the Build Limitless Series and has several Expansion Pack options. If you start with the Squat Stand, you have a multitude of options when it's time to go bigger. You'll be able to grow to a Half Rack or Full Cage, and then into the top tier 6-Post Power Rack!

Made in the USA.

We recommend anchoring the rack to the floor (anchoring hardware not included).

Origin USA
Footprint 48" x 61" (W x D)
Heights 81" or 95"
Capacity 1000lb
Steel 3x3" 11-gauge steel
powder coat
Hole Size 5/8"
Hole Spacing

1" spacing inside bench area
2" spacing outside bench area

2" spacing on sides

Pull-Up Bar 1.25" diameter straight bar
Tuff Powder Coat
Hardware Assembly hardware included
Anchoring hardware not included

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