Profile® PRO Squat Rack with Pull-Up Bar

Ceiling Solutions

Prepare to meet the Profile® PRO Squat Rack with Pull-Up Bar – the fitness enthusiast's dream come true! This one-of-a-kind wall-mounted rack, protected by a patented design, is here to transform your workout area, whether it's nestled in your garage, snugly at home, or in a bustling commercial space. Say farewell to space limitations, and say hello to a healthier, fitter you.

And here's the icing on the cake: No need to break a sweat while disassembling it – simply fold it away effortlessly. When not in use, it's a mere 4" away from the wall, ensuring you don't have to relinquish your precious living space for your home gym. Fit your healthy lifestyle into your daily routine without compromising on space!

The Profile® PRO Squat Rack offers a range of fantastic features, including heavy-duty J-Cups, laser-cut numbers for precision, and a spectrum of 9 stunning colors to choose from. What's more, it proudly carries the "Made in the USA" label, guaranteeing top-tier craftsmanship.

We also offer flexible financing options to cater to your budget. It's time to fit fitness into your life with the Profile® PRO Squat Rack!

The Rack
Uprights (2) 11-gauge 3x3 steel uprights
89" or 95" height options
9 colors
Total Rack Width 53"
Outside of Uprights Width 48"
Hole Size 5/8"
Hole Spacing Front: 2" (1" in bench area)
Side: 2"
J-Cups (2) UHMW covered J-cups included
Pull-Up Bars 42" total length
1.25" bar diameter
Tuff Coat powder coat
Equipment All wall mounting brackets & hardware for wood stud installation included
Capacity 1,000lb

Multi-Grip Bar
Clearance 29.25" from wall folded down
11.25 from wall folded up
Grip Options Narrow neutral - 4.75"
Angled - 13"
Wide neutral - 24"
Wide - 35"

Kipping Bar
Clearance 39.5" from wall folded down
22.5" from wall folded up
Ceiling Height

89" Racks

  • 8'11" (107") ceilings recommended  
  • Can accommodate ceilings down to 94" with a modified install

95" Racks

  • 9'5" (113") ceilings recommended 
  • Can accommodate ceilings down to 100" with a modified install
Stud Spacing

Wall Brackets mount to 16" or 24" on center studs. If studs are unevenly spaced, a ledger board is required.

Ceiling not high enough? Studs not evenly spaced? We might have a fix! Email us at for details.

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