PRx Dip Belt

The PRx Dip Belt is designed for dips, pull-ups, and belt squats that allow you to add resistance and variety to your training routine. For dips and pull-ups, easily attach any size kettlebell or weight plate to the chain and use the carabiners to set the right length. If you have a low-pulley set up, connect it directly to the belt loops and get to work on those belt squats.

The tall back and extra padding on the dip belt makes for a comfortable fit no matter the weight. And speaking of weight, the PRx Dip Belt is strong! It has the capacity to handle up to 425lb - so you're able to train as heavy as you need!

One size fits all.

The PRx Dip Belt is great for:

  • Dips
  • Pull-ups
  • Belt squats
Material SBR cloth wrapped EVA foam, fleece-lined pad, nylon webbing reinforcement strap
Chain Length 36"
Belt Size 33" x 6.25"
Capacity 425lb

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