PRx Gym Accessory Storage

It's important to get that perfect feel in any gym set up, and the PRx Gym Accessory Storage can help you achieve that. Clutter easily stacks up fast and can ruin a good workout. The PRx Gym Accessory Storage gets all those little tools and accessories up and out of the shadows - right where you need them when the lifts come calling!

Seven slotted hooks provide storage for any bands, jump ropes, foam rollers, or pulley components that would otherwise throw off your gainz feng shui.

Pro tip: This product can be mounted between uprights of a folding rack. Mounting it higher than 3ft from floor should allow room for most items to hang.

All mounting hardware included.

Color & Finish Black powder coat
Material Steel
Dimensions 18" x 2.5" x 5" (WxHxD)
Capacity Sturdy enough for a barbell but we don't recommend it

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