How To Clean Your Barbell

June 15, 2022 2 min read

Hey, guess what? Your barbell is gross. After multiple workouts, your barbell gets full of sweat, dirt, chalk, and maybe even some skin. Taking time to clean your barbell will prolong its life and we can help with that. The PRx crew has your back with our Barbell Cleaning Kit. 

How To Clean Your Barbell 

Step 1 - Get a Barbell Cleaning Kit From PRx

PRx Barbell Cleaning Kit

The PRx Barbell Cleaning Kit has three important components:

  • 360° Nylon Barbell Brush
  • Multipurpose 3-in-ONE Oil
  • PRx Microfiber Towel

Purchase yours here!

Step 2 - Brush Your Barbell 

Brush Your Barbell

When you workout, your barbell collects skin, chalk, dust, and more. The 360° Nylon Barbell Brush curves around your bar to help you get as much dirt and junk off your barbell as possible. The nylon bristles won't damage your bar and are designed to clean even the toughest knurling pattern. 

Pro tip: Brush your barbell off after every workout to avoid major build up! 

Step 3 - Add Oil To Your Barbell 

Add Oil to your Barbell

Working in small sections, run a line of Multipurpose 3-in-ONE Oil (start with minimal amounts and go from there!) down the knurling of your barbell and use the brush to brush it into your bar. 

Step 4 - Wipe Down Your Barbell 

Once you finish oiling  and brushing your barbell, take the PRx Microfiber Towel and wipe down any excess oil. Your barbell might feel slippery for a workout or two. 

Step 5 - Workout and Repeat 

Workout and clean your barbell

Now that your barbell is clean, start going after those PRs again! Your barbell might feel slippery for a workout or two, so don't forget the chalk. Remember to brush your bar after your workouts and clean it every other month or two.

Connor shows you how it's done in this demonstration video: