PRx Barbell Cleaning Kit

Clean your gym like you own it. The PRx Barbell Cleaning Kit provides everything you need to protect your equipment and prolong its life.

The 360° Nylon Barbell Brush can be used after every workout with, not only your PRx barbells, but kettlebells, dumbbells, and pull-ups bars too! Rigorous testing has proven that the finishes on your equipment (powder coat, zinc, and cerakote) will remain safe due to the nylon bristles on this brush.

The multipurpose oil should be applied and wiped occasionally to protect the steel from moisture and debris.


  • Nylon bristle brush (5" x 3.75" x 1")
  • 3oz bottle Multipurpose 3-in-ONE Oil
  • 12" x 12" microfiber towel
  • Instructions for proper care and use

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