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June 27, 2024 2 min read

Welcome to our Home Gym Hacks, where we share creative and effective ways to maximize your home workout experience. In this series, we dive into innovative exercise hacks that use minimal equipment, turning your home gym space into a powerhouse of fitness possibilities.

Grip Machine Using a Straight Bar Cable Attachment

Grip machines build strong forearms, fingers, and a crushing grip--but for a dedicated machine, they take up a lot of space.

In this home gym hack I’ll show you how to recreate this machine with your weight rack, a barbell, loading pin, weight plates, and a straight bar cable attachment.

Here’s what you need:

Weight Rack:Holds the barbell that will support your thumbs

Barbell: Acts as a base for your thumbs, your fingers will be doing all the work

Straight bar cable attachment: Connects to the loading pin

Loading pin: This is where you add your weight plates

Weight plates: Add weight plates to loading pin for resistance

Setting Up The Lat Pulldown

  1. Set the barbell: Rest the barbell on your rack’s J-cups set below waist level
  2. Load up: Add weight plates to the loading pin
  3. Straight bar:Connect the straight bar cable attachment to the loading pin with a carabiner
  4. Go time: Rest your thumbs on the barbell and curl your fingers up pulling the weight towards the bar (like you’re making a fist)


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