PRx Olympic Elite Bar

The PRx Olympic Elite Bar is made by the best, for the best. Manufactured right here in the Midwest, there's a reason it's considered elite.

All PRx Olympic Elite Bars feature a multipurpose design that make it great for a variety of workouts and lifts. Enjoy the smooth, responsive feel on a clean and jerk, then load it up for a solid squat routine.

This bar is knurled, pressed, and coated to the finest settings and highest standards. With a medium whip, light/medium knurl depth, and have both Olympic and Powerlifting knurl marks - these multipurpose bars are made to perform for a lifetime.

Available in Bright or Black Zinc.

Made in the USA.

Weight 20kg (45lb)  /  15kg (33lb)
Total Length 86.5"  /  78.25"
Sleeve Length 16.25"  /  12.5"
Sleeve Diameter 1.96"  /  1.96"
Bar Diameter 28.5mm  /  25mm
Knurl Marks Olympic & Power
Knurl Depth Light / Medium
Center Knurl No
Whip Medium
Bushings Dual bronze, self-lubricating
Sleeve Finish Pressed bright zinc
Bar Finish Bright Zinc or Black Zinc
Tensile Strength 190k PSI  /  180k PSI

Comes with a lifetime warranty.