5 Ways to Destress for the Millenial Generation That Never Unplugs

August 14, 2019 3 min read

The millennial generation is a modern terminology used for those born between 1981 and 1991. This is the generation that is more liberal and open-minded. Millennials are hard working and are also known to be workaholics. Some of them, however, are not able to balance their work and personal life. This has led to increased levels of stress, fatigue and in some cases also depression.

Stress is a word you will hear quite often from the workaholic population. An increased amount of stress for long periods of time can cause many health issues. This is the generation that never sleeps. If you identify yourself with this generation, I have listed below a few simple ways where you can de-stress yourself and feel calm and relaxed.

Exercise at home or at the gym

You should go out and get for yourself a home gym. Keep yourself motivated every day to perform some exercises. You should allocate yourself a time slot and adhere to your exercise routine daily. This activity takes your mind off things that are constantly bothering you like work stress or relationship issues. Also, it helps you to keep fit and healthy. It is recommended to exercise with a friend as it will help you get motivated. You can check our range of home gym equipment here.

Meditation and yoga

This is one of the best stress busters. It is cost-free and you can sit at the comfort of your home, create a Zen-like environment around you and relax. Deep breathing exercises while listening to calm music also can keep your blood pressure in check. Yoga also is very helpful and is known to cure many ailments.

Declutter to bust stress

If your home or workstation is crowded with unnecessary belongings or if you have the habit of hoarding items all this majorly contributes to stress. If you keep seeing the mess around you it starts making you frustrated as you know to clean will be a hectic task. Hence you will keep on delaying the declutter process. It is important to keep yourself organized. If you have a garage it will prove to be very useful to store away belongings that you hardly use. There are many online DIY tutorials that will help you to organize items. You can purchase storage boxes and label them or install an overhead loft in the garage. Try occupying as much as wall space as you can. You can check the best garage track systems and decide if you should build or buy one. Those items which you will not need any more in the future, you can organize a garage sale or dispose of them.

Unplug your devices

Once you are back home from your work or college, unplug yourself from the outside world and rest as much as you can. Younger generation after working hard from work are stuck on electronic devices or partying out with friends and they hardly get a good decent amount of sleep to go back to work or college the next day.

A little bit of caffeine

Last but not least to give yourself a boost, coffee is considered to be an effective stress buster. Caffeine is known to burn fat and helps in maintaining weight. Also, caffeine is known to be an energy stimulant and keeps you refreshed. You can check a variety of great home espresso machines on the market today.