PRx Power Elite Bar - Garage Sale

Meet your new power bar. The PRx Power Elite Bar is everything great about our original Olympic Elite Bar, but with modifications to better suit squats, bench, and deadlifts.

The diameter gives a slightly stiffer feel, perfect for power lifts. The deep knurl pattern and added center knurl was specifically designed to give you a solid grip without tearing your hands (and clothes) to shreds.

We occasionally have products returned to us in a less-than-new state or they arrive with slight imperfections making them perfect candidates for our Garage Sale section!

Limited inventory available. All sales FINAL.  

Weight 20kg (45lb)
Total Length 86.5"
Sleeve Length 16.25"
Sleeve Diameter 1.96"
Bar Diameter 29mm
Knurl Marks Power
Knurl Depth Deep / Aggressive
Center Knurl Yes
Whip Medium / Stiff
Bushings Dual bronze, self-lubricating
Sleeve Finish Pressed bright zinc
Tensile Strength 190kg (2000lb static load capacity)

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