Iron Warrior Kettlebells

If you want quality, you're in the right place. We partnered with Dakota Foundry to bring you the best American kettlebells iron can make.

Iron Warrior Kettlebells are forged from the highest grade of American iron by the toughest and hardest working men and women at Dakota Foundry in Webster, SD. 

These kettlebells were initially designed for training Iron Warriors, the next generation of manufacturing specialists. The iron is cast as one single piece (rather than welded handles), and is coated in the industry's best matte black powder coat for improved grip and iron protection.

Proceeds from each sale go to educating skilled workers in the manufacturing trades and donations of equipment to US Military Training and Veterans. Learn more.

Material Class 30 gray iron
Finish Textured matte black powder coat
Logo Engraved Iron Warrior logo
Unit Label Metric and U.S.
Weight Tolerance +/- 3%
Dimensions 11lb - 5" x 8"
18lb - 5" x 8"
26lb - 6" x 9"
35lb - 6" x 9"
44lb - 6" x 10"
53lb - 7" x 10"

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