Talon Kickstarter Recap and Barbell Winner

May 11, 2016 1 min read

Kickstarter Exceeds Expectations!

Our 30-day kickstarter for the Talon™ wrapped up in April and it was wildly successful! We exceeded our crowd funding goal by over 200%. We got great feedback and a ton of support for the Talon! Now we're working diligently to make it a reality. As promised, our 218 backers will receive their Talons in the August time frame (thank you, backers!) and it will be for sale on our site soon after.

Talon Barbell Collar

The Talon™: Coming to a barbell near you in late summer!

Backers Entered to Win a PRx Olympic Barbell

So...what do you get when you combine a successful kickstarter, some awesome kickstarter backers, and a PRx Olympic Bar Giveaway? One very happy kickstarter backer! Rodney Y., a dedicated fireman and family man from Illinois won our PRx Olympic Bar! A busy father of three, Rodney told us he had been wanting a quality oly bar for a while, but couldn't justify the cost. So winning the PRx Olympic Elite Bar was a "dream come true" (his exact words). We're thrilled that Rodney won and want to say thank you for backing our Talon™ project and for being so accommodating and sending us such great pictures to use.

Rodney in front of fire engineRodney's family

Rodney squatting with his new Oly Bar!Rodney in uniform with his new bar!

Some more quotes from Rodney:

"Thank you so much again! I love my new elite oly bar!"

"The bar is AWESOME! Seriously.. It's the best bar I've ever used! I had a great "oly" day with it last week."

Thank you Rodney for your enthusiastic quotes and we hope all our readers, customers, and backers go on to have great "oly" days of their own!

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