How Honest Product Reviews Help

July 15, 2022 3 min read

Honest Product Reviews Make Us Better

Fun fact: we have really amazing customers who leave us honest product reviews that our team loves reading. We actually share customer reviews to the entire PRx Crew at least once a week. So why are you about to read a blog about reviews? Well, you'll see...

Folding Squat Rack


How PRx Meets Our Customer's Needs >

I Like Things Clean!

"Started when my 17-year-old son wanted to get bigger. I bought him all of the bow flex adjustable weight systems. Then he brought up needing a squat bench, which was a problem because of how big and bulky they are. That’s when my research started. PRX became the completely obvious choice! I choked on the price, but did it anyway. I cleared and organized and painted a section in my garage, and mounted it. IT FREAKIN LOOKS BEAUTIFUL, so clean.

Needs it met for my fam:

1) Looks clean and organized (my requirement)

2) Takes up no space in the garage (wife can park no prob)

3) Safely out the way (the 5 and 2 yr old can’t play with it)

4) Son is getting bigger (17 yr old and friends work out together)

5) I work out now (doing pull-ups and dips consistently) If your “that type” there is no other solution."

~Dustin R.

All we can say is, Dustin, you made our day!

PRx Profile® Squat Racksare designed to help you save time, money, and space while you fit fitness into your busy life.

How Reviews Help when Customer Service Needs a Pick-Me-Up

Our customer service team is amazing. They go above and beyond to keep our customers happy. They spend their days dealing with shipping issues, reviewing orders, and answering questions. And, unfortunately, they see only one & two-star reviews due to  the way our ticketing system works. As they get shout outs regularly in the product reviews they don't see, we make sure to send them the good stuff too.

The Best

Love this equipment! Great quality and looks so nice! Always look forward to working out with this stuff!! Also very easy to put together and great customer service if you need the help!

~Danielle S.


Customer Service

Had some issues with shipping. It wasn’t the fault of the company, however either way they provided excellent customer service!!!
~Carlotta T.
Pro Rack, multigrip bar & resistance bands
Y’all are top notch in quality and customer service. Love all your products!
~Brian D.

You Make Us Better

We love that our customers tell us what we're doing right and tell us when we sometimes miss the target. Our Product & Brand Managers use customer reviews as a resource for new product ideas and existing product improvements.

Thanks to Sean M. who said this about our PRx Folding Flat Bench in his four-star review: "Also you have to be very careful when putting it up or it will damage your drywall/paint." That led our product team to add wall protection to our existing model. 

And Don T. had this to say about our Profile Landmine Attachment: "Only wish it had the ability to lock in place." And more feedback from Hunter M. requested: "Please add something to hold the product in a vertical position while moving the rack up and down." 

After reading these reviews, our engineers went back to the drawing board and created a latching system that now comes standard with the Profile Landmine Attachment.

And we've got more new products and product improvements in the pipeline thanks to the helpful and honest feedback we get from our awesome customers.                                             

Happy lifting and keep on keepin' on! #bettereveryday. 

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