Just Train Giveaway Winner: Eric C.

August 05, 2020 2 min read 1 Comment

Eric C. standing in the middle of his garage gym that is painted blue, outfitted with PRx Performance racks, weights, benches, wall balls.

Fitting Fitness Into Life: Eric Cox wins gym with Just Train



What happened to me was a blessing. When COVID-19 started and places were getting shut down, I started to panic. My gym which I loved going to every day was closed until further notice. I was stuck, I didn't have any gym equipment at home. The only thing I had was a 9lb dumbbell I had found. I decided to do some research on building a home gym, and the price range I was seeing just blew my mind, I knew it wasn't going to be cheap. Every site I went to everything was sold out, which I am sure so many can relate to.

Eric C. transformation picture

Just Train Giveaway



One day I saw the post by Ron Boss Everline featuring a home gym giveaway with PRx Performance. The giveaway required a 60 second video on why I believed I should win the giveaway. It took me almost an hour to make a 60 second video. I was nervous, which made me take a lot of retakes. I've never submitted a video like that to anyone. After sending it off I wanted to do some research about this company I knew nothing about.


What impressed me the most was the folding rack and bench which saves a lot of space in a garage, it was affordable and had a financing option. A week went by and I received a direct message from Ron Everline. My heart felt like I had taken some pre-workout! When he told me I won, I couldn't believe it. I've never won anything big like this in my life! With my birthday just being right around the corner the timing was epic.


Ron Everline said he was touched by my story and it inspired him, that meant so much to me. All I want to do is tell my story and hope it motivates someone to make a change for themselves.

Eric Cox garage before the transformation.

Installation and New Friendships

Working with Corey E (Sales Manager) from PRx was exceptional. We talked on the phone, via email and even through text. He helped me with measurements of my garage, how many studs I have, what color etc. If I ran into problems with measurements during setup, he was able to help me out. He made this process so easy for me and I appreciate his efforts in helping me.


The EVO Gym (where you can Evolve into something greater) is now up and open to friends and family. I love this gym; I even have space to fit my bike and my car with no issues. I’m already back on track with my workouts without needing to wait for a gym to open. Everyone that has stopped by is impressed and taking selfies and I’ve even invited my neighbor to join in on some workouts.


EVO Gym is proud to hang the PRx flag and I’m grateful for the opportunity from PRx, Ron Everline and their teams.

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Matt R.
Matt R.

August 06, 2020

Great job man! I have lost 80 lbs since April of 2019 and never imagined running 4 miles as a normal thing. I too am looking for an alternative to making a folding rack but can’t find them in stock nor can I reason purchasing something with the uncertainty of the economy and the wife being a school nurse. I’ll be digging in to that wood working bag until I can get a PRX rack. Awesome work and keep it up!

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