Why we Pink it Forward

October 25, 2017 3 min read

This October, we worked to Pink it Forward!

As many of you received your 'Pumped in Pink' Blender Bottle with your October order, we want to tell you why we are striving to Pink it Forward.

Most likely, everyone reading this has been personally affected or knows at least one person affected by breast cancer. At PRx Performance, we take pride in supporting the people this disease has touched, so during the month of October we sent a pink Blender Bottle to customers with the Pink it Forward logo stamped across the middle.

So what is Pink it Forward?

Founded in 2013, Pink It Forward is an organization that sends care packages requested by family members, friends, or even strangers to those going through breast cancer treatment. The idea was generated by one of the founders of the non-profit who had previously gone through breast cancer treatment and was fortunate enough to catch it early on. In her effort to "pay it forward" to others who may not have been as lucky in catching it early, she started gifting items to help with the uncomfortable and often painful side effects experienced during treatments. Something that would resonate better than a bouquet of flowers or a "Get well soon." card. This in essence built what we now know today as Pink It Forward.  Each care package aims to provide some comfort for the specific treatment that the patient is enduring. For instance, an individual going through the surgery stage of treatment may receive a set of button up pajamas complemented with other necessities for that stage of treatment. Other items may include fleece tie blankets, journals, water bottles, etc. The goal is to provide practical items that provide some amount of comfort to the recipient.

Why PRx Performance is Pumped in Pink?

Pumped in Pink is one of the campaigns Pink It Forward host annually that strives to motivate individuals to stay active and healthy to decrease the chance of developing breast cancer. The campaign was derived from one of the Pink It Forward founder's close friends, who wore pink to the gym every day in October. Years later, it's turned into a full-blown health and wellness campaign that many local businesses have vowed to support.

Where are the funds going?

The funds generated from the Pumped in Pink campaign go straight into assembling more care packages for breast cancer patients. Care packages are sent both locally and at the national level to anyone who requests a package through the Pink It Forward website (www.pinkitforward.org). With no paid employees in the organization, donations are always welcome and much appreciated. Sending out 100+ care packages a week can be a time consuming process, but with the help of local businesses and outside donations, the ladies of Pink It Forward are more than determined to help as many people as possible who are going through breast cancer treatment.

PRx Performance strives to promote health and wellness across the nation, which is why we chose to be Pumped in Pink this October and do the best we can to Pink It Forward to those in need.

And remember, breast cancer awareness isn't restricted to the month of October. It is a year-round disease that does not discriminate against any individual.

How can you help?

To request a care package or donate to Pink It Forward, please visit www.pinkitforward.org. Every little bit helps, and I can tell you that any donation is very much appreciated. #PinkItForward

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