How to Build the Best Gym for 2024

January 08, 2024 4 min read

As the New Year approaches, many of us are gearing up for a fresh start and setting new fitness goals. If your resolution for 2024 is to create the ultimate home gym, you're in the right place! And we have the best info to help you make that happen. Among the top 15 Shark Tank companies, PRx Performance proudly claims the number 11 spot. With our innovative approach to home fitness, we're here to help you build the best home gym of the year.

Ever wondered what the CEO of a renowned home fitness brand has in his own home gym? Brian Brasch, cofounder of PRx Performance, has opened the doors to his personal workout space. We're taking you on a tour of his setup, getting inspired by the equipment, and uncovering the secrets to a top-tier home gym. Let's dive in and explore what you need to elevate your home gym game for 2024.


Cardio equipment is one of the secrets of building an awesome home gym. It's your ticket to better cardiovascular health, burning those calories, and boosting your endurance. Picture this: a treadmill for a morning run, a stationary bike for a mid-day pedal, or maybe an elliptical machine for a full-body workout – you get to choose what floats your fitness boat! And the best part? It's right there in your cozy home, no more battling bad weather or someone else's gym schedule. You're in charge of staying committed to your goals, and it’s a whole lot easier with cardio equipment at your fingertips!

Brian’s Equipment

Concept 2 skier

Stationary Bike

Battle Rope


For the ultimate home gym, strength equipment is your weapon. Strength equipment, whether it's a power rack, barbell, or trusty dumbbells, is your gateway to unlocking those gains you've been dreaming of. It's not just about bulging biceps or sculpted legs; it's about feeling strong, confident, and ready to conquer your fitness goals every day. When you have these tools at your disposal, you can customize your workouts to fit your needs. And the best part? You'll see results faster than you can say "fitness fanatic." So, don't wait any longer – watch your fitness journey take off. You've got this! ️‍️

Brian’s Equipment

Dumbbells, KB, Balls

Profile® Rack and Barbell



Don't forget to consider adding some mobility equipment. Those weights and cardio machines are fantastic, but mobility gear is the key to a well-rounded fitness space. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just starting out on your fitness journey, mobility tools like foam rollers, resistance bands, and yoga mats are the unsung heroes that help you limber up, prevent injury, and recover faster. They're like your personal fitness sidekicks, always ready to support you. So, think about it: Want to reach your fitness goals faster, feel better in your body, and keep those muscles and joints happy? Mobility equipment is the golden ticket to building the best home gym. The best home gym isn’t just about helping you get stronger but also about staying flexible, mobile, and injury-free. Give it a try, and you'll be amazed at how much these simple tools can level up your home workout experience.

Brian’s Equipment

Mobility Bands

Mobility Batons

Foam Roller


Investing in the right storage equipment is needed for building the best home gym, and it's not just about keeping things tidy. Imagine this: you walk into your workout space, and everything has its place. Your dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, and yoga mats are neatly organized, and you can easily grab what you need without tripping over clutter. That's the kind of setup that gets you excited to work out! It's all about creating an environment that's not only efficient but also inviting – a place where you can focus on crushing your fitness goals, without the hassle of searching for your gear or dealing with a chaotic mess. You simply cannot underestimate the power of smart storage solutions for your home gym. They'll keep you motivated and make your fitness journey a whole lot smoother!

Brian’s Equipment

Dumbbell Storage

Hanging Bar Storage

Recreational Equipment Storage

Training Together, At Home: MVT Fitness

Brian Brasch knows that working out at home doesn't mean sacrificing the sense of community and achievement that a traditional gym provides. To bridge this gap, he and Mike Van Tassel teamed up to create the MVT Fitness App. MVT is an app that can get you connected to professional workouts and an active fitness community. This virtual hub not only offers a diverse range of workouts and guidance but also creates a platform for connecting with fellow fitness enthusiasts. Whether it's challenging your friends to a virtual sweat session or joining an online group challenge, the app fosters a sense of togetherness that beats physical boundaries, making it perfect for the world of home fitness.

When setting up your home gym, Brasch recommends a few key additions to create an environment that inspires and supports your fitness goals. First and foremost, he loves his PR Wall, a whiteboard that proudly displays his and his family’s personal records. Alongside this, the PR Bell acts as a constant reminder of their achievements, ringing in successes and keeping them motivated. Additionally, he includes heaters in his workout space to ensure it remains comfortable, especially during colder months (we know the cold, we’re from Fargo, ND). These pieces, curated and endorsed by the CEO himself, make your home gym an effective training space and a source of inspiration throughout your fitness journey.

So, identify your goals and start building that dream home gym! The best gym is the one designed by you, for you. Let us help you get started today—set up a consult call for help on making the most of your space!