10 Home Gym Builds to Inspire Your Switch

June 25, 2021 4 min read

All You Need are Studs

There are a lot of reasons to build a home gym, such as cutting out commute times, avoiding crowded lifting floors, dropping costly gym membership fees, and don’t even get us started about leaving your headphones at home. However, one of the best reasons to convert to home gym life is the customizability.

Home gyms have style. Most importantly, they can have YOUR style. Home gyms can be simple or completely decked out. The choice is yours, and the limit is dependent only on your imagination...and studs...but that’s it. Literally.

Let’s start with the bare bones. All you need to build out a home gym with PRx gym equipment is studs. Take this home gym as an example. OurProfile® PRO Rackis secured to the studs, as are thebench,barbells, and 3-Peg Weight Storage Solution. And boom: it’s a gym. That’s really all you need!

Have an unfinished basement? Put your gym there. It’s easy, cost effective, and you will be getting the gainz in a space that’s ready to grow with you.

If your ceiling isn’t the recommended 108 inches, don’t fret,ceiling heights lower than 108” just require mounting the wall brackets lower. The lower the wall brackets are mounted, the result will be less depth from the wall and more angled arms.

Home gym with just using studs

Another route many people have chosen is making gym sheds. It is a little more DIY for sure, but you can’t deny that having a space solely dedicated to your home gym isn’t mouth watering! Slap up some walls and stringer boards (the horizontal slabs of wood that provide extra support for mounting) and you are good to go--we mean lift!

Shed home gym design inspiration


Design doesn’t have to be complicated! No matter what you do, all your guests will be drooling over that multi-grip bar and your beautifully stored weights.

Build the Home Gym of Your Dreams

Okay, so you know all you need are studs, but what do youwant? If you are imagining something a little more dressed up then do we have some awesome inspo for you. A style that is pretty popular among the PRx family is the shiplap theme.

The look of wood or shiplap behind your squat rack is almost unbeatable. This design is super slick and clean, yet simple enough to keep the gym functional. Your gym should be a happy and safe space for you to be. These home gyms check those boxes. I mean, look how beautiful these builds are:

Home gym with wood panel design


Here are some other gyms featuring that ultra clean wood aesthetic. We love that all of these home gyms use similar elements, but each gym still looks unique and personalized.

Ultra Clean Home Gym Design Inspiration


We can’t deny that the combination of the white Profile® PRORack and the wood is eye-catching. Real gainz are going to be made in this space. Plus, do you see all the equipment that fits on one wall? Here is another drool-worthy home gym design with some beautiful wood.

Rustic Home gym Design Inpiration

Add a Pop of Color for that Fun Gym Aesthetic

Some people prefer the simpler things in life, others live for vibrant and bold colors. We think these builds are colorful and an easy way to lighten up your day. The pops of orange and blue, along with the stylin’ competition plates… gym build on point!

Orange and blue colorful home gym build

Forget about garage gyms. How about setting up a rack in the laundry room?

Home gym in laundry room

Next, here is a stunning mural. Wouldn't you just love to workout next to this piece of art?

Mural in home gym design and build


If you're here, we know that fitting fitness into your life is a priority. We also realize that you have multiple hobbies and interests. With our space-saving gym equipment, you retain the room in your home (and in your life) to showcase all your hobbies and passions. Check out this gym with the surfboard above the Profile® Rack. Gnarly.

A surf board in a home gym design

Before and After Home Gym: So Satisfying

What is better than seeing home gym builds? Seeing the before and afterof home gym builds. These photos show the true capability of a space. It might be hard to imagine how a gym would work in this garage pictured below, but the Profile® Squat Rack and all of our storage options made the conversion attainable and easy.

Garage gym before and after build


This gym looks so spacious with plenty of room to hit that next PR. There are countless ways to personalize your home gym. If you are looking for some more home gym inspo, check out our Pinterest and Instagram! We love regramming them on our socials, so please continue to do so!

Build Your Home Gym Today

Have a space in mind, but not sure if it will work? PRx offers consultations! Scroll up to the top of this page and look at the top banner above the website menu to find the consultation tab. Click this and schedule a video chat with a PRx representative in real time to see our products and walk through any questions or concerns you have. Pretty nifty if we do say so ourselves.

Where are you going to put your home gym and what kind of style do you have planned? We can’t wait to see the finished product!