Top 5 Hacks For Your Home Gym

September 29, 2022 2 min read 1 Comment

Your home gym doesn’t stop at benching, squats, and pull-ups. Check out these home gym hacks you can add to your workouts with a few items from PRx. 

Top 5 Hacks For Your Home Gym

Home Gym Hack #1 Double the Hack

For this home gym hack, you’ll need a barbell, plates, and a PRx Landmine. Set up your gear and get ready for your hack squats! 


Home Gym Hack #2 Boost The Caboose 

Mobility bands can do it all, including help grow your glutes! Grab your bands and your plates for this home gym hack! 

  • Loop your band through the middle of your plate 
  • Lay your plate flat and step into your band 
  • Lift the band around your booty and start your squats

Change up the bands to increase the intensity of your workout. 

Home Gym Hack #3 Going Ham

Bench + Foam Roller + Bands = two easy hamstring exercises to add to your leg day. Check it out!

Home Gym Hack #4 Get Hyped 

This home gym hack came from our friend @dadshredded and it’s a game changer! Here’s how you can use your rack for reverse hypers:

  • Grab your spotter arms, a dip belt, some weights, and something to use for padding 
  • Put your spotter arms above waist height
  • Put your weight on your dip belt and hang it in the middle of your spotter arm
  • Grab your pad (we recommend a folded sweatshirt) and place it where your hips will go 
  • Jump up, get in position and get your gainz

Home Gym Hack #5 Fido’s Flex

One of our favorite hacks is for your gym partner and best friend. That’s right, we’re talking about your home gym mascot, aka your dog. To take care of your pup, find a great spot for their water bowl and get it off the ground! Take aPRx Chalk Bowl and install it at a perfect height for your dog. This gets their dish off the ground, keeps their water clean, and keeps your space organized! Check it out: 

Have a home gym hack you love? Let us know in the comments!

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February 10, 2023

Love the hacks!
Thanks for sharing.

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